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Women who hate men -- Why ?

It was 1985, 30 years ago and seems like only yesterday when I was under the wrath of a lesbian supervisor at the Santa Monica Post Office. Everyone knew she was in a relationship with another employee. I do not remember anyone saying anything negative about H. E. (her initials). When It was brought to my attention that she was responsible for getting an Afro-American Lucky supermarket manager fired, I acted when I saw strange behavior at the post office.

H. E. was represented by lawyer Gloria Allred in her suit against Lucky supermarket. It was at the 11th street and Colorado North post office when I noticed the supervisor H. E. going around and hugging and kissing male carriers at their mail case. I called a meeting between the station manager, H. E. (who was my supervisor also) and myself. I said "In light of her lawsuit against the Lucky supermarket, was it proper for her to go around hugging and kissing the carriers?" She nearly jumped out of her seat to strike me.

The next day while working will call, a lady came in and made a request for her mail. I was unable to help the lady and she said "I'm going to get you fired....for using profanity." Luckily for me there was a lady, an Afro-American postal clerk who witnessed the entire out burst, and said "You did nothing wrong." I did a little research and found that H. E. was the neighbor to the lady who came in to get me fired. It was a very traumatic experience for me, for lady was shouting at me.

Years later, in the mid 1990s, I heard Gloria Allred on a talk radio in Los Angeles area. While running on the Santa Monica beach, I was able to run to a pay phone (no cell phones yet) and I called in and asked lawyer Allred, was it fair that I should suffer this sort of treatment? She did not seem to care about my rights, yet it was very gratifying to tell the above story on KCRW radio.

What people seem to forget is that it takes a loving mother and father to bring happy children into this world.