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Conclusions from Bruce Adamson volumes one through twelve of Oswald's Closest Friend; The George de Mohrenschildt Story and The JFK Assassination Timeline Chart.

See photo above President Wilson #1; Wm. Gibbs McAdoo # 2, and Robert Lansing #3.

For Sale are :

1). A letter from Robert Lansing dated 1920.

2), and a cut note from William Gibbs McAdoo. These two men were members of President Wilson's cabinet, one Secretary of Treasury and the other Secretary of State. Both formed Secret Service for Treasury 1917 during World War I. Not to be confused with the President's Secret Service.

Dorothy Kilgallen said she was going to blow the JFK assassination wide open after interviewing Jack Ruby. Kilgallen was found by Joan Crawford. She was a tenant of Jackie Kennedy's grandpa James T. Lee and the landlord of Igor Cassini whose wife killed herself because of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy prosecuting her husband "Igor." She was in charge of the Pepsi Cola and was waiting for JFK when he was shot and killed. An internet search is worthy of her behavior.



Robert Lansing was the uncle of CIA Director (1953) Allen Dulles later Warren Commssioner 1963-64. McAdoo is the grandfather by marriage to CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt, whose uncle Ferdinand Von Mohrenschildt married Nona McAdoo in 1917. Nona was the daughter of Wm. G. McAdoo. Nona sold Jackie Kennedy's Chanel pink suit that she wore to Dallas on November 22, 1963. Shirley Temple and Mimi McAdoo who allowed me to stay and research from 480 Park Avenue. A couple blocks from the new Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.


McAdoo's home was at 480 Park Avenue and Igor Cassini was at 500 Park Avenue the building owned by Joan Crawford, Mommie Dearest. Mimi McAdoo with Shirley Temple above, was very kind and put me up for a week while I ran around New York City.



Why is this important, you may ask? Allen Dulles was in charge of The Warren Commission Report and George de Mohrenschildt, a CIA agent was Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend prior to the JFK Assassination, Dulles failed to disclose that he knew de Mohrenschildt's family and friends. Dulles was fired over the Bay of Pigs fiasco by President Kennedy.

The de Mohrenschildt's Mr. and Mrs. George de Mohrenschildt provided roughly 240 pages of testimony before Allen Dulles in volume VII of the Warren Commission Investigation. Dulles and Mohrenschildt's knew about their relatives were in charge of Secret Service for Treasury, yet made no disclosure.

Allen Dulles was working in 1953 with de Mohrenschildt's father-in-law at CIA coup of Guatemala. Did I forget to mention that his father-in-law was in charge of more than 250 CIA agents, ten years before JFK's demise? Also in 1950-53 Dulles was writing to the brother "Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt" which was ten years before the JFK Assassination. They did not know in 1953 what they would be doing in 1963. Nor did they make disclosure in 1963. Seller sent US Postal Officials to make sure Dimitri received letter in 1993. See other auctions for better and larger image. Dimitri asked me in another letter, "Why do you think, George killed himself..." I responded that I thought it was the nine shock treatments that they gave him at Parkland Hospital while George Bush, Sr. was CIA Director.


A copy of the letter to Dimitri comes with purchase. One has to wonder why the CIA destroyed the letter. Seller, Bruce Adamson, was the author who came up with the conclusions to this story and was the first to publish it in 1996 in volume IV of Oswald's Closest Friend; The George de Mohrenschildt Story. See website same as Ebay ID.


President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 Great Seal of the United States
Other short titles JFK Records Act
Long title An Act to provide for the expeditious disclosure of records relevant to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Nicknames Kennedy Assassination (Open Files) Bill
Enacted by the 102nd United States Congress
Effective October 26, 1992; 25 years ago
Public law 102-526
Statutes at Large 106 Stat. 3443
Titles amended 44 U.S.C.: Public Printing and Documents
U.S.C. sections amended 44 U.S.C. ch. 21 § 2107
Legislative history

Introduced in the Senate as S. 3006 by John H. Glenn, Jr. (D­OH) on July 22, 1992
Committee consideration by Senate Governmental Affairs
Passed the Senate on July 27, 1992 (passed voice vote)
Passed the House on September 30, 1992 (passed without objection)
Signed into law by President George H. W. Bush on October 26, 1992



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