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Photograph at top is B. Adamson in Pahoa, Hawaii taken by Rikki Mendias.

On October 5, 2003 Madame Wong turned 100 years old. She is still very very sharp. I was lucky enough to attend her birthday party for a ten course meal. Madame Wong studied cooking at the University of Columbia in 1924-26 in New York. Adamson produced a short 15 minute video on Madame Wong "Still Cooking at 100; Cooking Shrimp and Peas." Conspiracy researcher/actor Warren Beatty said "This book is just another example of her many talents." Sally Struthers said: "After reading Madame Wong's Long-Life Chinese Cookbook, I found there's more to entertaining Chinese style..." Madame Wong's coauthor in her book was Sylvia Schulman the wife of Samuel Schulman, President of the Seattle Supersonics. Coach Bill Russell was also a student of Madame Wong's.


I have worked as a genealogist on my own family since 1983. I have discovered that twelve great-grandfathers fought in the American Revolution War. Three of those were killed. Four of the books on my website are related to my ancestors Rufus Easton, James Adamson, Abner Bartlett and George W. Ely. Two of Easton's sons were in charge of more than 150,000 Union troops during the Civil War. Easton trained Lincoln's Attorney General in his legal studies as a lawyer 45 years before the Civil War. Easton set the Scypion Slaves free in 1805 and was talked out of a duel with Aaron Burr. Interesting footnote is that Adamson is a direct descendant on three branches of his tree to the original founders of Cambridge, Mass. the Ely's, Easton's and Bartlett families.

Portrait Below is of Jesuit Andrew White, Early Baltimore and George Calvert, First Lord Baltimore

There are many relatives that have been an inspiration to this author's endeavors. Bruce discovered that he is the 11th great-grandson of First Lord Baltimore - George Calvert and the 10th great-grandson of Leonard Calvert - First Governor of Maryland. Before there was George W. Bush, before there was G.H.W. Bush and before there was George Washington there was George Calvert. My next project is just about finished Heart of Maryland. This 200 page book is on my 11th great grandfather, George Calvert, First Lord Baltimore. Calvert was the founder of Maryland the first colony which allowed freedom of religion and taxation. At one time Calvert owned all of Newfoundland. Calvert and his heirs owned much of what is today Washington D.C. His son Leonard Calvert was the first governor of Maryland . The Executor of Leonard's will was Margaret Brent a cousin who was the first woman in these United States to demand the right to vote. Margaret was responsible for paying the salaries of Lord Baltimore's army, one of the first armies established in Colonial America. Calvert's Maryland Charter was indirectly the cause of the American Revolutionary War, for it included freedom of religion and taxation. One of Adamson's great grandmothers was raised with John Carroll, who was the first Archbishop in the U.S. His cousin was Charles Carroll the last living signer of the Declaration of Independence.

GEORGE W. ELY (2ND Great Grandfather) as secretary of the THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE ON JULY 31ST THRU DEC. 15, 1914 - Ely closed the Exchange for the longest period ever! Because World War I. During WWI ELY was in charge of the War Bond Program on the Exchange where brokers donated part of their commissions to buy U.S. War Bonds. It was because of WWI that led to the 1929 Stock Market Crash. Three of my great grandfathers were attorneys and trustees of the Astor Estate, Abner Bartlett, Jonas Kissam and Henry B. Ely. Note that Jonas Butler Kissam was the second cousin to Mrs. William Henry Vanderbilt, aka. Maria Louisa Kissam.


Photograph to the left is Bruce Adamson (on orders by the Colonel of the Seventh Regiment) in Captain's uniform at the Seventh Regiment, New York City. Portrait of Ely in background was unknown to anyone until Adamson came along in 1988. Adamson paid for gold plaque for the piece of art honoring George W. Ely 1840-1922. So, you think you're ready for a Civil War? Well then click here for The Life and Times of Captain George W. Ely.

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Note: Bruce Adamson has documented 25 separate cases of helping others in civic matters. Two examples are listed below: Bruce adopted Bumper the Husky to the right by breaking him out of the pound twice on the days they were going to put him to sleep. This shot is near Broad Beach, the two outlaws are on the run when they ran into Steve McQueen. Photo to left is Chris Douglas, Gary McGowan and Bumper.

Bruce Adamson and the Malibu Fires of 1978 and 1982. One day in 1978 Adamson found himself in the middle of a Malibu fire and went to the aide of a victim whose home was burned to the ground. Adamson placed himself in harm's way and helped the owner of the Sentinel Patrol save more than $65,000 in family possessions from being consumed by fire. Adamson had not known victim and placed his life in jeopardy by being the last person on property. Adamson received a letter of accommodation for services rendered. Near the time of the 1978 fire Bumper and Bruce were walking along at Broad Beach in Malibu and a very big dog and a man with a heavy beard met. The dog was almost twice the size of Bumper and I said "everything is O.K. Bumper, come on lets go." As I looked at the man it was Steve McQueen and he was right in front of his house near the end of Broad Beach. I am sure glad the dogs did not fight. CLICK HERE FOR story of 1978 Malibu fire where Adamson saves horse and helps home owners. Although home was lost The Jehovah Witness Church survived.

Bruce Campbell Adamson saves trees at Robert's Ranch which is now Solstice Canyon National Park

Three years later, in 1982 Adamson again found himself in a Malibu fire. He says: "Throughout the 1970s I had a friend Jimmy Roberts who treated me like a brother. Jimmy would take me to their ranch to swim and ride their horses. I grabbed a bucket and made my way to the Malibu Roberts' Ranch. Betty Roberts was a double for Doris Day on Catalina Island in the film: The Glass Bottom Boat. This was the third time that Doris sung the song "Whatever Will Be" in The Man Who Knew Too Much. Doris Day, whom I heard on the radio the other day still sounds as she did 25 years ago, very positive.

Back to the fire: I acted quickly by spending the day scooping up water from the creek and dousing the bases of the tree trunks with needed water. Whether the trees would have died it is not for me to say. I knew that I could not save the Robert's Ranch home I was going to do everything I could help to save the scenery. Throughout the day, roughly eight hours, I shoveled water from the creek and stopped the bark from burning at their base. When I finished with one tree I went on to another. I worked myself up to what was once Florence and Fred Roberts Ranch home, designed by the African-American Architect Paul Williams. Jim Robert's wrote a letter of accommodation for services rendered, it felt good to help the Robert's family." I cannot begin to tell you the feeling it gives one to help others in need. While I was saving the trees (not the bush's) a cousin overheard a person say on the Santa Monica Pier: "I am glad the wealthy persons homes are burning."

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