BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY to the De Mohrenschildt Story.

James S. Abercrombie was a wealthy Houston oilman who belonged to the Houston Club, which de Mohrenschildt frequented with Jack Valenti,George Bush and the Browns.

Silva Ageloff was wife of Ramon Mercader, assassin of Leon Trotsky. She was never held responsible, but it is interesting because she was educated by Dr. Sidney Hook and interviewed by Isaac Don Levine, three of which had known of Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt.

Gianni Giovanni Agnelli
was the childhood friend of the Cassinis during the 1930s in Florence, Italy. His family corporation FIAT built tanks for Hitler in World War II. In the fall of 1962, Agnelli and Jacqueline Kennedy were swimming together in Turbin, Italy. He was a friend of Rubirosa and Aristotle Onassis. During the 1960s Agnelli built a company in the Soviet Union.

James Jesus Angleton
was Allen Dulles' main man who was in charge of KGB agent Yuri Nosenko upon his defection, and in charge of monitoring de Mohrenschildt's mail while in Haiti. In 1964 Ben Bradlee caught Angleton breaking into Mary Pinchot Meyer's home after she was mysteriously murdered in Washington D.C. Angleton wanted Mary's diaries. She was married to CIA agent Cord Meyer and after her divorce dated JFK and allegedly experimented with LSD with the President.

Hamilton Fish Armstrong
was friends with, and coauthored a book with Allen Dulles in 1935-36. Mr. Armstrong's second wife Carmen Barnes gave de Mohrenschildt a favorable briefing to the FBI during the 1940s. Captain Vincent Astor, brother-in-law to Colonel Serge Obolensky. In charge of intelligence in New York during World War II.

Mrs. Hugh D. Auchincloss (aka Janet Lee Bouvier)
visited with de Mohrenschildt in 1938 "on a daily basis," while she was going through her divorce from Black Jack. She was in contact with de Mohrenschildt throughout the years and was entered into his address book in 1954-55. Hugh Auchincloss, Jr. worked for AID as did de Mohrenschildt. Related by marriage to McGeorge Bundy.
Sam Ballen, claimed to be de Mohrenschildt's closest friend. Ballen took Oswald out on a job-hunting exposition to the mysterious meeting at the CIA-trust Republic National Bank Building. Ballen won't talk about this meeting.

Mary Bancroft (aka Mrs. Sherwin Badger)
was in on the assassination attempts on Adolf Hitler with Allen Dulles during WWII. She dated Dulles and Henry Luce simultaneously since 1945 and 1947. Since the 1930s she was a good friend of Ruth (Forbes) Paine, the future mother of Marina and Lee Oswald's landlord.

Professor Frederick Barghoorn,
friend of Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt, accused of being CIA by the KGB, just before JFK's assassination. Released from KGB prison with help of Foy Kohler (D.V. Mohren-schildt's friend) and of JFK, days before JFK's demise.

Sergio Benscome,
assassinated in 1935 by a cousin of Porfiro Rubirosa, "de la Fluentes." Rubirosa had left New York City the day before. Rubirosa was also with JFK on November 21, 1963, whose administration was responsible for the assassination of Rubirosa's father-in-law, President Trujillo.

Adolf A. Berle
, Jr., crony of Nelson Rockefeller. Was working with Rocky and Hoover while monitoring de Mohrenschildt during WWII. In 1942 Berle subscribed to Dimitri's Russian Review. Disliked JFK and was greatly admired by Allen Dulles and LBJ.

Richard Berlin supported Igor Cassini during RFK's prosecution. Berlin blamed RFK for Charlene (Wrightsman) Cassini's suicide. Berlin was LBJ's publicity agent since the early 1950s. He was President of the Hearst publishing corporation and was Igor Cassini's boss.

Harold B. Berman had an office within the CIA-run Office building. He was one of the first lawyers to represent Jack Ruby.

Minerva Bernadino
was vice-president under President Trujillo and was listed in de Mohrenschildt's telephone book. She has lived on Park Avenue in New York for many years.

James Billington
currently in 1995 is the Librarian of Congress. He was very close to both Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt and Allen Dulles. Was meeting Dulles before and after JFK's assassination and making recommendations to Warren Commissioner Dulles.

Cecila Blaffer (aka Mrs. Edward J. Hudson),
also married to brother-in-law of Giovanni Agnelli. Her first husband, Ed J. Hudson, was friends with Percy Foreman, noted lawyer who briefly represented Jack Ruby and alleged assassin, James Earl Ray. Edward Hudson worked with de Mohrenschildt in the 1940s. She was heiress of the Humble Oil family and an heiress to the Standard Oil company.

Robert Lee Blaffer
, founder of Humble Oil with Will Farish I. His son was entered into de Mohrenschildt's phone book. He was father of Ceclia (Blaffer) Hudson and partner with Will Farish I. Will Farish III is a close friend of George Bush.

Robert Blum,
friend of Allen Dulles, whose son was an officer with C.B. Wrightsman at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

George Bouhe
was Jack Ruby's neighbor, and was a leader in the Dallas White Russian community. He was the personal bookkeeper for DeGoyler and MacNaughton's oil company. DeGoyler's son-in-law was Assistant Undersecretary of State George McGhee, de Mohrenschildt and LBJ's crony. Both McGhee and Bouhe knew de Mohrenschildt. Bouhe was interested in Marina and Lee Oswald.

Jackie Bouvier.
Her mother saw de Mohrenschildt on a daily basis in 1938. She married JFK in the 1950s and her dress designer, Oleg Cassini, knew de Mohrenschildt. Jackie also bought her extremely expensive clothes from Nona McAdoo's clothing store in New York City, Chez-Ninon (de Mohrenschildt's alleged aunt-by-marriage). The raspberry dress Jackie wore to Dallas on November 22, 1963 was allegedly from Chez-Ninon; so says Marguerite McAdoo. Jackie admitted to author two months before her death through Nancy Tuckerman that she knew that Chez-Ninon was owned by de Mohrenschildt's aunt, but didn't remember buying the raspberry dress she wore to Dallas.

Janet (Lee) Bouvier
, mother-in-law of JFK. See Mrs. Hugh D. Auchincloss. Janet sabotaged her daughter's wedding in 1952 to JFK, so that her ex-husband would not be able to escort Jackie down the aisle.
John Bredimus visited Jeanne and George de Mohrenschildt on a regular basis beginning in 1969 for about two years. De Mohrenschildt allegedly told him that " H.L. Hunt and the bunch were behind the assassination."

Thomas Braden (CIA) was also a secretary of Nelson Rockefeller's shortly before becoming Allen Dulles' close adviser at the CIA. His wife Joan worked with JFK and RFK campaigns for president. Braden worked with Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt at Dartmouth.

George Rufus Brown
(CIA) was noted for his Brown & Root government Navy contracts during WWII. Good friend of LBJ's and William S. Paley's. Brown's other company, Texas-Eastern, employed de Mohrenschildt while he was in Haiti.

Herman Brown,
one of LBJ's best friends and brother to George. De Mohrenschildt also claimed to be Herman's friend when he wrote to LBJ in 1966. Thomas Buchanan, author of Who Killed JFK prior to release of Warren Commission Report. Gerald Posner says Buchanan was a Communist. Buchanan placed blame on wealthy Texas oil men. Wm. H. Chamberlin told Warren Commiss-ioner Allen Dulles to squash Buchanan's silly rumor about Texas oilmen.

Wm. F. Buckley, Jr
. (CIA) should not be confused with the CIA agent who was murdered in the Middle East. This Buckley is tied to de Mohrenschildt's family, anti-JFK, worked with the CIA in the 1950s and was friends with Allen Dulles. His father's wealthy Pantepec oil company had hired de Mohrenschildt during the 1940s and George Crew McGhee as one of its directors. Two large investors at Pantepec were Nelson Rockefeller and Clint Murchison. Buckley is the godfather to CIA agent E. Howard Hunt's children. Buckley was/is publisher of National Review and was highly critical of JFK. Both Igor Cassini and Buckley were advisory board members of Young Americans for Freedom.

McGeorge Bundy,
in-law to the Auchincloss family. In charge of the air support for JFK during the Bay of Pigs invasion. Corresponded with Hugh Auchincloss on AID just a few days after de Mohrenschildt met with LBJ.

James Burnham
(CIA), friend of George and Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt. Was an ultra-conservative in politics and broke from Leon Trotsky in the mid-1940s. He was also anti-JFK and became Wm. F. Buckley's favorite editor at the National Review.

Colonel Howard L. Burris
(CIA?), definitely military intelligence and an in-law to the Shah of Iran. Listed three times in de Mohrenschildt's phone book. Became LBJ's righthand man as vice-president. Still alive in 1995 and refused to discuss his meeting with de Mohrenschildt in April of 1963.

George Herbert Walker Bush, "Poppy"
(CIA), intimate with de Mohrenschildt since 1942. Failed to make disclosure when he was nominated as CIA Director. Briefed by FBI Director day after JFK assassination. Makes mysterious phone call to FBI agent Graham Kitchell on Nov. 22, 1963 that James Parrott spoke of killing JFK. It's a mystery, for he waited till after assassination and failed to tell anyone then he knew de Mohrenschildt. Formed Parmargo corporation in 1960­61 with Edwin Pauley and Wayne Dean when all three knew de Mohrenschildt. Too many oil connections to de Mohrenschildt to cover. Owner of Zapata Petroleum and Zapata Off-Shore Drilling (a CIA front?).

Senator Prescott Bush, (father of George), good friends with William S. Paley, Senator John Tower, Richard Nixon and Allen Dulles. Senator Bush wrote that he "never forgave the Kennedys for what they did" to Allen Dulles over the Bay of Pigs fiasco, (CIA-code named Operation Zapata) six months after RFK's assassination. Banking firm Brown Brothers & Harriman gave de Mohrenschildt a $300,000 line of credit in May of 1963.

Harold D. Byrd, owner of Texas Book Depository, also tied to de Mohrenschildt's favorite hang-out: the Dallas Council on World Affairs. Friend of LBJ's.

General Charles Pierre Cabell
(CIA-Deputy Director) quit the CIA over the removal of Allen Dulles. Brother of Earle. Was Robert Storey's supervisor in WWII.

Earle Cabell,
Congressman, represented de Mohrenschildt in the early 1970s. Was riding in the motorcade with JFK as mayor of Dallas.

Igor Cassini (aka Cholly Knickerbocker
) worked for Wm. R. Hearst as a writer. His first wife "Bootsie" married Wm. R. Hearst, Jr. Igor was investigated twice on criminal charges by RFK shortly before the assassination between 1961­63. Friend of de Mohrenschildt's, very friendly to author but will not discuss de Mohrenschildt.

Mrs. Igor Cassini (aka Charlene Wrightsman) committed suicide on April 8, 1963, because of RFK's prosecution of her husband. Charlene's death was two days before Walker shooting. Like Igor, her name was listed as "Countess Igor Cassini" in de Mohrenschildt's phone book in 1954­55.
Marguerite Cassini, mother of Oleg and Igor, famous dress designer in Florence, Italy designed clothes for Cantgelli family. Lorenzo Cantgelli, of Florence, Italy was the stepfather to de Mohrenschildt's first wife, Dorothy Pierson.

Oleg Cassini today runs a billion dollar corporate dress manufacturing company with his brother Igor. Was the personal dress designer for Jackie Kennedy, childhood friend of Agnelli. Introduced Rubirosa to JFK.

William Henry Chamberlin
(CIA) was the cofounder of the Russian Review in 1941. Was the best friend of Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt, and close to Allen Dulles. Ultra-conservative writer for the Wall Street Journal and founder of CIA Radio Liberty program.

Governor John Connally, trustee of Sid Richardson's estate. Rode shotgun with JFK at the time of the assassination. In his book Lone-Star he is an authority on de Mohrenschildt's motives on becoming Oswald's friend.

"Countess," de Mohrenschildt's donkey on 3,000-mile Central America walking trip.

John or "Jack" A. Crichton
picked interpreter Illya Mamantov for Marina Oswald five hours after the assassination. Favorite oilman was Clint Murchison. Like Oswald was a U.S. Marine and involved with military intelligence. Worked in the 1950s with LBJ and George C. McGhee.

Alexander Dallin, writer and friend of Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt.
David J. Dallin, father of Alexander, friend of Dimitri's. Was close to Trotsky at the time of his assassination, and his wife told Trotsky that KGB agent Zorborski was a good guy.

Evertte DeGolyer, father-in-law to George McGhee, founder of DeGolyer & MacNaughton oil company. Company which employed Jack Ruby's neighbor, George Bouhe. Partner's son, Lewis MacNaughton, Jr. took interest in Lee Harvey Oswald's employment.

Cecil deMille, movie manufacturer, produced The Ten Commandments. Also born in Russia and friends with George and Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt.

Dr. Asa W. Deloach was responsible for ordering de Mohrenschildt's shock treatments in November of 1976. Fourth cousin to Cartha Deloach. Deloach family reunions took place often in Louisiana.

Cartha Deloach, FBI official and well-liked by LBJ. Attended same social functions as George Bush at the LBJ White House.

John or Jean deMenil, friend of de Mohrenschildt and Philip C. Johnson, and was corresponding to de Mohrenschildt at the time Oswald and de Mohrenschildt were becoming acquainted.

Alexandra de Mohrenschildt
(aka Donna Clark), daughter of George. Married Gary Taylor at the age of 15.

Fernanda de Mohrenschildt (aka Mrs. Drayton Hastie), cousin who didn't recall meeting George and Dimitri. Her mother was Nona McAdoo, Jackie Kennedy bought her clothes from Nona's store Chez-Ninon. Fernanda recalled that Nona McAdoo tried to find de Mohrenschildt a job at American Express.

John Sloan Dickey, Nelson Rockefeller's aide during WWII. Was president of Dartmouth and pal of Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt's. Was a member of the New York Stock Exchange.

Dimitri, Grand Duke, one of the assassins of Rasputin who was educated by the Cassinis' aunt and uncle the George von Mengden's. Exiled to Palm Beach, Florida; married Audrey Emery; and had son Paul Ilinsky, who is the current mayor of Palm Beach.

Dimtri "Mito," Djordjadze, good friend of the Cassinis. Married Audrey Emery after assassin Grand Duke Dimitri had divorced Emery. He worked for the Cassini's as a tutor in Florence, Italy. Entertained by President Trujillo and was entered several times in de Mohrenschildt's telephone book. Mito was a regular at Monaco with Prince Rainier and Princess Grace.

Joseph Dryer, witness at the HSCA investigation, social friend of the Cassinis and de Mohrenschildt. In his testimony, Dryer said he heard from Jacqueline Lancelot that de Mohrenschildt received more than $250,000 after the assassination.

Laurence Duggan, State Department official who worked closely with Nelson Rockefeller. When Isaac Don Levine brought an allegation against Duggan of being a communist, the man mysteriously fell from a New York high-rise. Worked with Adolf Berle and J. Edgar Hoover in monitoring de Mohrenschildt in early 1940s while Stephen Duggan, his brother, was on Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt's advisory board.

Stephen Duggan, Jr., editor at Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt's Russian Review. Brother of Laurence.

Stephen P. Duggan, Sr., father of both Duggans. Corresponded with Dimitri and subscribed to Russian Review. Also an important member of the Council on Foreign Affairs in New York City. Worked with J.F. Dulles on Russian Student Fund (founder) and International Education Fund.

Angier Biddle Duke, acquainted with de Mohrenschildt before the JFK assassination. He was extremely tight with LBJ and was Chief of Protocol for both LBJ and JFK. In 1959 founded Psychiatrist Institute with Dr. Nathan Kline in Papa Doc's Port-au-Prince, where they practiced hypnotizing the patients. Died in April of 1995 at the age of 79 when he rollerbladed into a car in New York.

Allen Welsh Dulles, CIA Director that JFK fired over failure at Operation Zapata (aka Bay of Pigs). Golfing buddy of Igor Cassini's and long-time friend and lawyer to Igor's father-in-law C.B. Wrights-
man. Dulles' uncle Robert Lansing and de Mohrenschildt's grandfather-by-marriage Wm. Gibbs McAdoo cofounded the Secret Service for the Treasury Department together during WWI. Evidence presented shows that they knew this before Warren Commission testimony. Since 1940s was always accepting advice from Wm. H. Chamberlin, who was Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt's closest friend and collaborator at the Russian Review.

Papa Doc Duvalier, de Mohrenschildt's landlord in Port-au-Prince at the time of the assassination. Snipers took shots at his kids on April 26, 1963, the day de Mohrenschildt met with LBJ in Washington D.C.
James P. Donovan, represented de Mohrenschildt 5/20/63, and was a former FBI agent. Belonged to same FBI club as Walter C. Holloway and Harold J. Fleming.

Edward Jay Epstein, excellent Harvard writer, but was interviewing de Mohrenschildt on the day of his suicide. The only black mark comes from Billy Joe Lord's complaint. It isn't known if he was related to Wm. H. Chamberlin's son-in-law, Klaus Epstein. Or Linda Lee Lovelady's husband, "Mr. Epstein." Lovelady was Senator John Tower's secretary.

Harold J. Fleming, in charge of Oswald's armored car transportation. Failed to disclose that he was a former FBI agent.

Marie Fehmer was LBJ's personal secretary as vice-president and president. Her mother "Olga" worked with Abe Zapruder and Jeanne Le Gon-de Mohrenschildt. Marie was one of the first senior officers at the CIA.

Olga Fehmer said that Jeanne Le Gon in 1953-54 brought her presents from France while working at Nardis of Dallas, where Zapruder had worked.

Gerald Ford (32-degree Mason), last living Warren Commissioner, appointed George Bush as CIA Director. Authored a book declaring Oswald was the lone-assassin.

Percy Foreman, "Old Gray Fox," handled more than 1,000 murder cases. Briefly represented Jack Ruby, gained national fame when he told James Earl Ray to plead guilty or else! Knew Edward J. Hudson and represented Hudson on several occasions in the 1950s. Hudson was a business acquaintance of de Mohrenschildt's. Foreman told LBJ in December of 1963 that he would do anything for the President.
Zsa Zsa Gabor, tied to many interesting characters, including Lawerence Harvey, H.L. Hunt, Rubirosa and JFK.

Bernard "Ben" Gold (owner of Nardis of Dallas) failed to make disclosure to FBI that both Jeanne Le Gon and Abe Zapruder had worked for his company. Zapruder filmed the assassination. Le Gon was the wife of Oswald's closest friend.

Paul Grabbe son of Count Alexander Grabbe, aide-de-camp to the Czar. Friend of Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt's and worked for the Office of Information Agency during the 1950s and 1960s. A Maria Grabbe, the sister of Alexander, had a daughter who married the grandson of George von Mengden who was the uncle-by-marriage to the Cassinis. After Maria married Nikolai von Mengden she moved to San Paolo, Brazil, they kept in touch with Paul Grabbe. Paul Grabbe sent Maria (Grabbe) Mengden $50. a month to a nursing home in Russia until she died in 1993-94. The Grabbe's gave credit in 1984 in their book The Private World of the Last Czar, to their friend Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt.

David Grace, director at Essex­Universal, a woman's apparel company that made the movie The Manchurian Candidate. His cousin employed de Mohrenschildt.

J. Peter Grace, employer of de Mohrenschildt.

General Alfred Gruenther, Supreme Commander of the forces in Europe during WWII. He was a member of the DCWA and may have seen de Mohrenschildt, but worked with George McGhee. He was very close to Allen Dulles and Robert Murphy. In 1962 he sent Dulles a memo: "Just wait, our boy Allen will show 'em."

Jake Hamon, Jr., critic of de Mohrenschildt to the FBI. Listed in de Mohrenschildt's telephone book. Good friend of LBJ's and J. Anthony Marcus. Wrote to LBJ on day of RFK's assassination from Los Angeles.

Jack Harris, partner of Locke & Purnell law firm which helped the Secret Service with the organization of JFK's motorcade route. Friend of Mary Ferrell's, a JFK researcher and in-law to de Mohrenschildt. De Mohrenschildt was also friends with Jack Harris.

John N. Hazard, acquaintance of Dimitri's.
Mrs. William R. Hearst, Jr., "Bootsie" (aka Mrs. Igor Cassini and Augustine McDonnell). Her second or third husband, Wm. R. Hearst, Jr. would have been Igor's employer and may have been sympathic over Charlene's suicide.

Dantine Helmut, first husband of Charlene Wrightsman, and had a son. Like de Mohrenschildt Helmut was a Nazi actor. Visited DCWA with Countess Tolstoy in the 1950s.

Alec J. Hidell, Oswald's alias.

Wm. J. Hidell, designed Gladoaks estate for Murchison where a party was thrown on November 21, 1963. Hoover, Nixon and other right-wingers were in attendance, according to Madeline Brown.

Patrick S. Holloway, defended George Bush in his appeal to the District Court against Governor Connally. In another Holloway court case, District Judge was receiving death threats. Son of Walter, (most likely) a former FBI agent who belonged to retired FBI club with Harold J. Fleming and James P. Donovan.

Stanley C. Hope,
President of Standard Oil for Rockefellers, listed in de Mohrenschildt's telephone book and attended same social functions in New York City as the Cassinis.

Edward Gordon Hooker, childhood friend of George Bush's, and step-nephew of George de Mohrenschildt's. A member of the New York Stock Exchange.
John Edgar Hoover, FBI Director.

Arthur A. Houghton, Jr., Officer at Corning Glassware worked with former Ambassador Robert Murphy. Both Murphy and Houghton were exchanging blind letters intended for RFK. Also tied to Metropolitan Museum of Art with the Wrightsmans.

Edward J. Hudson, friend of de Mohrenschildt's and Percy Foreman. Ran oil engineering corporation out of Houston, still alive in 1995.

Howard Hughes, allegedly in 1938 an acquaintance of de Mohrenschildt's. Worked through Robert Maheu with CIA in Kennedy administration on several operations including Fidel Castro's assassination attempt.
Sarah Hughes, Judge appointed by JFK. Was on board Air Force One to swear in LBJ after the assassination. Belonged to Dallas Council of World Affairs with Abe Zapruder and other important subjects.

E. Howard Hunt, CIA Watergate burglar and friend of Wm. F. Buckley, Jr. Worked on Operation Zapata and wrote of one "Colonel George." Was it George Bush? Quoted Wm. H. Chamberlin in his book Give Us This Day.

H. L. Hunt, first billionaire and Dallas oil man. His personal attorney was Robert Dedman who was acquainted with de Mohrenschildt. Like de Mohrenschildt, a member of the Dallas Petroleum Club. Hunt's oil company is in de Mohrenschildt's address book. De Mohrenschildt allegedly said H.L. Hunt was behind assassination.

Nelson Bunker Hunt in 1962 was represented by Senator John G. Tower (George Bush's friend), after Tower had represented Lee Harvey Oswald. Hunt, a right-winger, felt it was quite O.K. to deal with the Communists in China as long as a profit could be made. Nelson was accused by a former FBI man of wanting to form an army of right-wingers who would use cyanide gas guns to kill liberals. He denied this.

Ralph "Mac" MacAllister Ingersoll, manager of Henry Luce's Time in the 1930s. Friend of de Mohrenschildt's. Although he had a falling out with Luce in 1939, they made amends in the mid-1950s. Tied to Hugh Liedtke, owner of Pennzoil (George Bush's oil partner at Zapata). Ingersoll was a favorite of the Dallas Morning News owner Dealey and C.D. Jackson who bought the Zapruder film for Luce.

Paul Ilyinsky (son of Grand Duke Dimitri), a popular figure around Palm Beach. His father had been educated by the Cassinis' aunt and uncle, Count and Countess George Mengden. His father was one of the assassins of Rasputin.

The Shah of Iran (in-law to Colonel Howard Burris), worked with CIA in 1953. According to George Kitchell he too was a good friend of de Mohrenschildt's. The Shah's ambassador was listed in de Mohren-schildt's phone book. The Shah knew Oleg and Igor Cassini, C.B. Wrightsman and Alexander Tarsaidze.

Morris D. Jaffe, lawyer in Dallas, who was close to LBJ and represented de Mohrenschild. Formed bank with Eugene Locke. Locke was rejected by Governor John Connally in April of 1963 as a replacement for the Texas Railroad Commission. Eugene Locke organized motorcade route with Secret Service agents F. Sorrells and W. Lawson.

Leon Jaworski, Nuremberg trial lawyer, friend of Valenti and Bush, and member of the Houston Club. Was the one who decided not to prosecute Richard Nixon in the Watergate matter. He also cleared George Bush and Gerald Ford of involvement in Watergate. Worked with de Mohrenschildt's neighbor at the Republic National Bank Building, Robert G. Storey, and they both suspended the Texas Court of Inquiry into the JFK assassination.

Walter Jenkins wrote to de Mohrenschildt on April 18, 1963 and arranged a meeting with LBJ and de Mohrenschildt for April 26, 1963. Caught in the act of being a homosexual in the fall of 1964 in Washington D.C. Paley's CBS news agency saved him from embarassment.

Governor Beauford Jester, father-in-law to Colonel Howard Burris. A member of the Texas Railroad Commission and worked with LBJ during the 1940s.

Philip C. Johnson, a trustee of the Museum of Modern Art with Rockefeller, Luce, Paley and Wrightsman. Johnson was a Nazi sympathizer during WWII. Johnson was entered into de Mohrenschildt's phone book 1954­55. Refused to discuss his association to de Mohrenschildt and the C.B. Wrightsmans. In Dallas he designed JFK memorial, and was a friend of Jackie Kennedy's and John deMenil's. Designed many buildings in Houston, one for Hugh Lietdke and another for John DeMenil.

Nicholas Katzenbach, helped RFK prosecute Igor Cassini. His cousin, Lawrence Emery Katzenbach, was a director at one company with Richard Berlin. Katzenbach had an impressive military career.
Kenneth Keating, Senator allegedly met with LBJ and de Mohrenschildt. N.Y. Times photographed him with Nelson Rockefeller just a couple of days before assassination laughing.

George F. Kennan, quit the JFK administration in July of 1963. Very knowledgeable in Russia and Yugoslavia affairs. Refused to speak on his association with Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt, still actively writing in 1994.

Robert F. Kennedy, Attorney General, who prosecuted Igor Cassini.
Joseph Kennedy, father to Attorney General and President. Made trip with Igor Cassini to Dominican Republic, had a stroke and was unable to testify on Igor Cassini's behalf.

Dorothy Kilgallen worked with Igor Cassini at the Journal-American. Dorothy said she would expose the culprits in the JFK assassination, but before she could she was allegedly murdered. Frank Sinatra did not care for Kilgallen according to Igor Cassini's autobiography.

Henry Kissinger was good friends with Wm. H. Chamberlin during the 1950s and 1960s. Kissinger represented de Mohrenschildt during the 1970s. Kissinger was a crony to Nelson Rockefeller and worked very closely with John Sloan Dickey, president of Dartmouth. All are tied to Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt.

George Kitchel, friend of de Mohrenschildt's, once an officer at Humble Oil and vice-president at Kerr-McGee. Introduced George Bush into politics. Very helpful with research on this work. Says brother received award from FBI Director J.E. Hoover for information on de Mohrenschildt after JFK assassination. Hoover had been monitoring de Mohrenschildt since the 1940s.

Graham Kitchell (brother of George spelled with two "ll's") took George Bush's mysterious phone call on November 22, 1963 about James Parrott. After being FBI agent, went to work for Hughes Tool Co.
Nathan Kline, famous shrink who cofounded Institute in 1959 in Port-au-Prince with Angier Biddle Duke.

Foy D. Kohler, Ambassador, friend of Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt's. Worked with JFK in obtaining freedom for Professor Frederick Barghoorn from KGB, just days before the assassination.

Fred Korth, Secretary of Navy, replaced John Connally and was replaced by Paul Nitze because of conflict of interests. Lived in town with Oswald and Governor John Connally. Was director at Bell Helicopter. Did he know Michael Paine or his step-father Arthur Young?

Arthur Krim (President of United Artists), and personal and confidential advisor to President LBJ. His law firm, Nizer and Krim, defended Igor Cassini while simultaneously representing Essex-Universal (a woman's apparel company) which produced the movie The Manchurian Candidate. The story: a U.S. Marine is brainwashed by the Soviets to kill the U.S. President. The part was played by Lawrence Harvey, sounding very much like Lee Harvey Oswald's story. Krim asked Frank Sinatra to get permission from President JFK before they released the movie through U.A. After the assassination the movie was sealed for 20 years.

Walter Krivitsky (KGB) wrote with Isaac Don Levine before being found with a bullet in his head, which was ruled a suicide.

Robert Lansing, Allen Dulles' uncle, co-founder of Secret Service with Wm. G. McAdoo for the Treasury Department during WWI. Also knew and worked with Ferdinand Von Mohrenschildt, George and Dimitri's alleged uncle.

Mr. &. Mrs. Edward Lavino. Mrs. Lavino was chairman of the Philadelphia chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation while Dr. Wynne Sharples was President. Attended parties at the Wrightsmans' estate with the

Cassinis. Edward Lavino has refused to cooperate.

Jeanne Le Gon (Fomenko) (aka Mrs. George de Mohrenschildt and Eugenia Michaillovna Fomenko), George's fourth wife. Worked with Abe Zapruder and Olga Fehmer. Born in Manchuria.

Donna Lee, stepdaughter to Gene Tierney (aka Mrs. Oleg Cassini), worked for both George Bush and Senator John Tower in 1962­64.

Isaac Don Levine (CIA and writer), one of the favorite writers of the FBI Director, Hoover's. Levine authored Mind of Assassin, and was corresponding with Dimitri three years before the assassination. Levine was a trustee with W.H. Chamberlin at Radio Liberty. Dimitri wrote Levine's book review in the Russian Review in 1961. Levine interviewed Marina Oswald before the Warren Commission.

Eugene Locke, lawyer in the CIA-trust Republic National Bank Building which organized the motorcade route for JFK. Governor John Connally rejected him as Texas Railroad Commissioner in April 1963.
Billy Joe Lord, roommate with Oswald on board ship before Oswald's defection to Soviet Russia. Lord made complaint with FBI against Edward Jay Epstein's writers, two weeks before Epstein meets with de Mohrenschildt on day of suicide, March 29, 1977.

Linda Lee Lovelady (aka Mrs. Epstein), secretary to Senator John G. Tower. Refused to discuss if related to Billy Nolan Lovelady, Oswald look-alike in Texas School Book Depository.
Clare Boothe Luce employed individuals who knew Oswald and were a part of the Bay of Pigs invasion (aka Operation Zapata). Husband was Henry Luce who shared the same woman, Mary Bancroft, and the same LSD with CIA Director Allen Dulles. Clare changed her name from Booth because she didn't want to be associated with John Wilkes Booth.

Henry R. Luce employed Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt during the 1940s. Bought Zapruder film. Friend and fellow trustee of C.B. Wrightsman, Rockefeller, Philip C. Johnson, William S. Paley at the Museum of Modern Art and Metropolitan Museum of Arts. Began dating Mary Bancroft after she and Allen Dulles tried to assassinate Adolph Hitler. For years Dulles and Luce dated Mary Bancroft simultaneously.

Nona McAdoo (de Mohrenschildt's alleged aunt-by-marriage), whose father was Wm. G. McAdoo. Nona owned Chez Ninon, where Jackie bought her clothes. Jackie bought raspberry dress from Nona when she went to Dallas. Nona married Ferdinand de Mohrenschildt in the early 1900s and he died five years later.

Mollie McAdoo sold clothes person