King Duncan who was murdered by Macbeth is another ancestor. In fact I have traced my roots to every European kingdom, including Charles the Great (Charlemagne), pictured on the right, in somewhere around eight separate ways.

I have learned that I am descended from one of England's most celebrated kings, Alfred The Great. He is the King I chose for the logo for this website. The Purchaser will also get a copy of a book about Alfred The Great, originally published in 1777.

William the Conqueror (pictured here, landing in Normandy in 1066) is an ancestor whose reputation is downplayed by the British and the Royal family; for this Norman conquered England. Another was Count Baldwin, who reigned in the Kingdom of Jerusalem as the Duke of Lorraine.

King Fergus of Scotland, King Charles of France, King Lewis of Germany, King Harderjch Saxon King of Germany, and Duke Whitekind I, King of Denmark are all direct great grandfathers. Other Kings and Queens which have portraits included are:

  1. Adelaide- Mrs. Hugh Capet
  2. King Charles Martel
  3. Henry I of Germany
  4. Hugh Capet
  5. King Robert II of France
  6. King Pharamond
  7. King Louis IV
  8. Louis 1
  9. Pepin 1st
  10. Pepin 3rd
  11. Robert II
  12. King Henry of France

Please see some of these in the Portrait Gallery

Saher de Quincy was a Baron and signer of the Magna Carta. Saher de Quincy was one of the most important Magna Carta barons. He was guaranteed safe passage to see King John on May 25, 1215.

One separate genealogical chart 32 inches x 42 inches will be included in this package.