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FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN De MOHRENSCHILDT ENTIRE SET - YOU ARE GETTING 10 YEARS OF RESEARCH WHICH HAS COST ME AS A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WHISTLEBLOWER OVER $150,000. More than 2500 pages of FBI, CIA records, photographs and Eleven years of research. Including information on

Bruce Adamson vs. FBI and CIA court cases, in San Jose District Court.

Adamson won case under the JFK Records Review Board and Whistleblowing Acts.

Why did Leon Panetta a California Deputy Attorney General support Adamson's research as have other law enforcement agencies.

Oswald's Closest Friend: The George De Mohrenschildt Story
Volumes 1 through 11


Vol. XI I Can Not Tell a Lie! by George de Mohrenschildt (Nor the Truth)

Father-in-law to George de Mohrenschildt was in charge of more than 250 CIA agents between 1950-53, ten years before JFK's demise!

This volume covers the career of S.W. Washington, who worked for the State Department from 1926 to 1954. Washington's step-daughter, Phyllis whom Washington raised as his own married de Mohrenschildt on July 11, 1948. After WWII de Mohrenschildt advanced within social, State Department, CIA and governmental circles. In 1957 de Mohrenschildt represented the State Department in Yugoslavia under CIA cover. There is ample evidence now to suggest that his second father-in-law helped de Mohrenschildt's career in the CIA and State Depart ment. Mr. Washington worked with Allen Dulles, Frank Wisner, Robert P. Joyce, J. Caldwell King and other top CIA officials. Why did the Warren Commission ignore Mr. Washington and his relationship to George de Mohrenschildt? Is it because S. Walter Washington was related to George Washington, our very first President through his mother and father's side of the family? Book will carry an eight page tribute showing all of the CIA connections to JFK, Jr. as publisher of George Magazine. You will get to view never before seen or published CIA documents signed by J. Caldwell King and Robert P. Joyce. Volume 11 sells for $15.00 it is 100 pages.


Vol. VII Wrightmen Going In Wrong Directions

is a thoroughly researched presentation on George de Mohrenschildt's ties to C.B. Wrightsman, Oleg and Igor Cassini. Oleg Cassini's first wife actress, Gene Tierney introduced George H.W. Bush into politics in 1962 after she married Houston oil man Howard Lee.This study focuses on the theory that de Mohrenschildt set-up Lee Harvey Oswald because of RFK's criminal prosecution against Igor Cassini. The prosecution resulted in Charlene (Wrightsman) Cassini's suicide seven months before JFK's assassination and three days before the Major General Walker shooting. Charlene's grandfather C.J. Wrightsman authored the oil depletion allowance in the 1920s. A relationship is proven between de Mohrenschildt, third wife Dr. Wynne Sharples, to Count and Countess Igor Cassini and their in-laws, the C.B. Wrightsman's of Palm Beach. One part of this volume also examines the possibility of a White Russian coup through the CIA-sponsored Tolstoy organization. There are 39 photographs of the Cassini's, De Mohrenschildt's Kennedy's, and Wrightsman's displayed here. It also contains the genealogical research for the de Mohrenschildt and von Mengden families.
Wrightmen Going In Wrong Directions is 190 pages sells for $23.00. ISBN 1-892501-10-4.

Vol. VIII Wolfen Communism Without Trotsky

This volume takes a thorough look at the relationships between Bertram Wolfe, Nelson Rockefeller, Allen Dulles and Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt. It also covers William F. Buckley, Jr. of the CIA and his editor James Burnham. Buckley and Igor Cassini were friends through the Young American's For Freedom foundation. Buickley published pro-George Bush articles in 1963. The Nelson Rockefeller story has been incorporated into this book. It looks at both the assassinations of President Kennedy and Leon Trotsky. Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt knew many people who were close to Trotsky at the time of his assassination in Mexico City including James Burnham. This book is 117 pages and the price is $15.00, ISBN 1-892501-11-2.

Wolfen Communism Without Trotsky sells for $15.00

Vol. IX Diana, The Queen of Hearts & The CIA/MI6, Princedom of Darkness

See the latest evidence which ties Mohammed Al-Fayed (father of Dodi Fayed) to the closest friend of Lee Harvey Oswald, George de Mohrenschildt. Bruce Campbell Adamson has put together his tenth volume on the deMohrenschildt Story. This tome looks at the possibility of a CIA plot in cooperation with the British MI6 to kill Diana and pay back Fayed, for his association to George de Mohrenschildt. Fayed, you will learn, was like family to the de Mohrenschildt's. Mohamed Al Fayed in 1964 was pretending to be a big Kuwatian business man and was working with CIA agent de Mohrenschildt in Port-au-Prince Haiti. At this time Fayed was representing El-Amir Atta, who was also pretending (?) to be from Kuwait. Yet the father of the lead highjacker Mohamed Atta, just happens to also be El-Amir Atta and is from Mohamed Al-Fayed's hometown Ciaro, Egypt. Al-Fayed's brother-in-law, Adnan Khashoggi, (richest man in the world 1970s and 1980s) was George H.W. Bush's main man in the Iran-Contra affair. In Jan. of 2001 Khashoggi sold his 36 million dollar two floor condo (purchased in the 1970s) at the Olmpia Towers in New York City for less than half the price seventeen million. Why? Adamson has a F.O.I.A. against the CIA since 1998. To obtain Mohamed Al Fayed's CIA which dates back to the early 1960s. I still have not had an answer to this and I am an American Citizen.

Yet, on July 13, 2001, Al Fayed (not a citizen gets due process much faster) lost a lawsuit against the CIA/Pentagon for more than1100 pages they won't disclose on Princess Diana. While Fayed lost his son during the Diana crash, his brother-in-law lost a son and is/was the personal adviser of the Saudi Royal Family. This volume covers a lot of territory in the JFK assassination, including de Mohrenschildt's ties to seven trustees of the Museum of Modern Art: 1).* Nelson Rockefeller; 2).* Henry Luce; 3). Charles B. Wrightsman; 4). * William S. Paley; 5). Philip C. Johnson and 6). John Hay Whitney, whom owned Freeport Sulphur at the time of the assassination. Freeport Sulphur has been merged into Freeport McMorRan and Henry Kissinger is a director and 7). * John de Menil (Houston oil man). An "*" means they employed de Mohrenschildt. Rockefeller also employed de Mohrenschildt's family friend Henry Kissinger.

Adamson has also tied Henry Kissinger to this episode, who still works closely with the MI6-CIA and was close to the Mohrenschildt's. Kissinger was in tears when Princess Diana passed on. Kissinger and Associates claim they will make more money than the Central Intelligence Agency. Was Kissinger a mole as James Angleton has suggested? This volume will give you a look at the associations behind the scene. You will see a document that will show Henry Kissinger was given top CIA protection in 1961. President Kennedy disliked Kissinger and yet when JFK, Jr. died NBC has Kissinger on giving his condolences just as they did when Princess Diana was killed.

Also covered are Diana's stance on the land mine issue, and the mysterious witness, Brian Anderson. Mohamed Al Fayed's attorney a Mr. Klein thanked Adamson for information supplied on Brian Anderson. Adamson asked Mr. Klein "How could Brian Anderson be the only person in the world to see Diana's Mercedes slam into the piling when there is a two foot long paint mark and a lense from a FIAT-Uno left at the scene?"Two other witnesses saw the FIAT-Uno in front of the tunnel and exiting it. Diana, The Queen of Hearts The CIA, Prince of Darkness Now available! 210 pages, ISBN 1-892501-12-0.

Diana, the Queen of Hearts, The CIA/MI6 Princedom of Darkness sells for $23.00/FONT>

Vol. XThe Adamson Report; Zapruder/Bush & the CIA's Dallas Council on World Affairs

 THE ADAMSON REPORT; ZAPRUDER/BUSH AND THE CIA's DWCAThis volume was prepared for the U.S. Attorney General and the Abraham Zapruder Arbitration Board. They were made aware that Zapruder had ties to Oswald's closest friend, George de Mohrenschildt (CIA agent) and both had ties to the CIA's DCWA.  The U.S. Government is currently considering paying the Zapruder family heirs 16 million dollars for the film even though I have brought these facts to their attention and Zapruder had previously sold the film to a CIA affiliate Time-Life. The U.S. Attorney General has returned the report without investigation. Janet Reno first appointed Frank Hunger to represent the Governments interests, Hunger being the brother-in-law to Al Gore. While The Zapruder family company LMH, Inc.'s lawyer is still Robert Bennett. Bennett is also the lawyer who defended President Clinton and his brother William Bennett was a top official under former President George Bush. Should the government purchase only the film for 16 million when Time-Life sold it back to the Zapruder family for a $1.00. All were tied to the CIA? LBJ's secretary Marie Fehmer's mother Olga has said that Jeanne Le Gon was a very nice person at Nardis of Dallas when she too worked with Zapruder. Marie Fehmer was a guest on the "Today" Show, NBC, 1/12/89. After the actual interview was over (which was clearly edited for time constraints), Jane Pauley was the one who mentioned, very matter-of-fact, that Marie Fehmer became one of the first women as a senior officer at the CIA. The odds of this being coincidental are like being struck by lightening three times, and walking away saying "I didn't feel a thing." Zapruder, Fehmer and de Mohrenschildt tied to the CIA, Nardis of Dallas, JFK assassination. NBC refused to release this segiment of the show after they told me I could purchase it for around $100. It shows that NBC has a working relationship with the CIA. Regardless of Marie Shriver being a Kennedy and an employee at NBC. Marie's husband Arnold was George H.W. Bush's righthand man in physical education. Cousin Katie Couric is still one of my favorite newscasters. See PHOTOGRAPH BELOW OF LBJ with Ray Fehmer Olga's husband. Marie Fehmer was present when Vice Presidenet Lyndon Baines meets with Mr. and Mrs. George de Mohrenschildt six months before JFK's demise. Photograph on cover of de Mohrenschildt and Dr. Wynne Sharples, de M's third wife, supplied by Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt. Today Dr. Sharples is living on a multi-million dollar estate in Palm Beach as Mrs. Robert Ballinger and refuses to speak about de Mohrenschildt just as she did when the FBI contacted her in 1963/64. De Mohrenschildt's third wife also threaten to bring up de Mohrenschildt's homosexual behavior to the FBI. FBI Director briefed George Bush of the CIA on Nov. 23, 1963 on the JFK assassination. While de Mohrenschidlt and the FBI Director had a good friend in common, Dallas Cowboy/Texas oilman Clint Murchison.

The Dallas Council on World Affairs is an organization founded by George Bush's mentor Neil Mallon.  Bush thought so highly of Mallon he named one of his sons after him.  Bush was also friends with de Mohrenschildt since 1942. This 100 page volume sells for $15.00 ISBN is 1-892501-17-1

Jvol 10 The Adamson Report; Zapruder/Bush & the CIA's Dallas Council on World Affairs<This version 100 pages sells for $18.00


LARRY FLYNT KILLS JFK ASSASSINATION ARTICLE, AFTER OFFERING $1,000,000 REWARD. In 1997 Larry Flynt hired Bruce Campbell Adamson to write a 6,000 word JFK assassination article, but killed the story. This is the story! The author has also added exhibits to the article to let the public become the judge to decide if there is enough proof to show a conspiracy. This will NOT be an attack on the character of Larry Flynt. In fact the author will incorporate material which ties the CIA to Larry Flynt about the time he was shot. Coincidence or conspiracy? seems to be the question. This 78 page booklet will sell for $15.00 Copyright 1998. ISBN 1-892501-14-7.

JFK Assassination Timeline Chart Flynt kills 50 pages $15.00

E X T R A-----LBJ's Other Cover-Up!

 SPANISH FLY IS RADIOACTIVE. On January 17, 1966, the United States accidentally dropped four H-bombs on the town of Palomares Spain while refueling. Two of the H-bombs broke their mellons leaking plutonium into the crops. A witness who saw the bomb fall into the ocean received over a $100,000 settlement from the U.S. government, while others got next to nothing. Adamson will look at the Angier Biddle Duke and LBJ cover-up. Both had ties to Oswald's closest friend George de Mohrenschildt (CIA agent). Adamson has tied the fisherman to the CIA. A new report is due out in July, 1998, but the Department of Energy does not know if the pubic should be allowed to read it. This 50 page booklet includes photographs,diagrams and sells for $13.00, ISBN 1-892501-16-3.

JBooklet is 50 pages $13.00