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A story from Susanna Bachman who was in Thailand was walking on water on a boat in the ocean when the tsunami wave hit. Susanne lost her home. They felt the wave while on the ocean. She is an artists and her website is inside link. She is more concern with helping other victims than herself. Click Here for Susanna Bachman's report from Thailand.

Did the world's consumstion of oil, petroleum, nuclear tests cause the Tsunami to hit SouthEast Asia? Read a theory by Adamson. This is a theory, in the JFK assassination Adamson sticks to the facts. Click Here for Oil and Tidal Wave Theory. Circa 1972 Bruce having Sushi with a couple of friends thirty-two years ago.

Photo is Bruce in "Smoky the Bear" T- Shirt.

More than 600 people have read my books and have left positive reviews. Why are there so many ignorant American's, while there is so many happy customers, who have read my books on exposing the Central Intelligence Agency? EBAY

Agreeing to Disagree Rumsfield (CIA asset) and Hussein shaking hands Dec. 20 1983.

I have been reseaarching The JFK Assassination since 1992 not because I want to, because I felt I was doing the right thing. The CIA does work both sides of the aisle. I don't think I am a better producer than Moore, yet I feel that my video has more important information on the Bush family than Moore's.. If I was a Bush family member I would rather have 911 knock all of the punch out of the film 1,000 Points of Light, on JFK, Diana and September 11th. Which was produced before Moore's 911.NO CONFESSIONS FROM A DANGEROUS MIND the book alleged life of Chuck Barris leaves you wondering. Click on link for opinion not published by the New York Times<, the JFK Assassination may hang at The Museum of Modern Art, possibly with Barris' uncle-by-marriage, CIA-assassin employer William S. Paley (CBS). Why are so many stars in Hollywood are being used by the CIA and they don't know it? Stars are being built by the CIA, into legends, created within the motion picture industry.

Note that de Mohrenschildt was friends with Hal Roach and Cecil B. DeMille. This should not tarnish the name nor the record of DeMille. I only point this out that Hollywood has a long history of working with the CIA. Before this during WWII there was the OSS and Inter-American Affairs which made propaganda films. During World War II Nelson Rockefeller, in charge of Inter-American Affairs produced films for the U.S. government. DeMille was an excellent film maker, my favorite Sign of the Cross and he died in 1959 before we knew JFK was to become President. During the 1950s DeMille was the top Central Intelligence Agency repressentative in Hollywood. Who is their representative today? Is it Mel Gibson, George Clooney, There are many actors who are knowingly working for the CIA. Then there are others who are merely following their scripts, and they may be unknowingly working for CIA, for any actor is only interested in their reputation and do not care who is paying the check. Knowing what I do about the CIA, I would be ashamed to be working for them. Those ignorant of their deeds may very well be "proud Americans."

Lawsuits against Enron Corporation are being filed. Bush Administration has hired four top executives from Enron to work in his administration. Enron stopped 401 employee retirement programs while allegedly the top corporate executives sold their stock forcing company into bankruptcy.


GEORGE W. BUSH and Family Steal Election and then Declare War on the Democratic State of California, by using his influence through administration members, former CEO's of Enron and family friend and supporter Kenneth Lay whose company has stolen many billions from the State's Treasury.

Click here for articles which lay out the California/Bush war. Click Here for details of George W. Bush's war against California, in the end California Governor Grey Davis knocks Enron out of the picture. Republicans retaliate against Davis by filing papers to remove him 45 days after Davis won the election.

On July 1st, 2002, Rudy Guiliani spoke at the Leon Panetta Institute on Terrorism. An interesting quote from him was "that some people can steal the election." Rudy was referring to George W. Bush and his own party. More power to ya Rudi. Was he referring to 1963 or 2001?

President Bush O.K.'s Israel's

Bombing of U.S. Citizens in Middle East and is Being Sued


No one in the media ever spoke about John Ramsey's ties to a CIA affiliate Corporation Lockheed Martin. Since Bush has been president this corporation has grown 300 percent. Ramsey was in the media spotlight when his daughter, JonBenet Ramsey, was murdered in 1996. He left the company -- originally called Access Graphics -- after its parent, Lockheed Martin, sold it to GE for $2.8 billion in 1997" Mrs. de Mohrenschildt's in-laws Reginald Kearton was Vice-President at Lockheed Martin and had the reputation of being a real cold fish. The head officers at Lookheed Martin worshipped another CIA assist who happened to be friends with George de Mohrenschildt and Bush Sr. that would have been Howard Hughes. John Mark Karr caused a feel sorry effect for the Ramsey's in the media. Yet, John Karr was trying to do the same thing five years ago. He appears to know EXACTLY what he was going. Could someone have paid him to put on this SHOW? We know Karr and the Ramsey's are both from Georgia. Click here.

EXTRA!!!- Houston District Court



Today the elder Bush is running his sons administration with his appointments.

On November 9,1963; Bush is suing Governor John Connally 2 weeks before JFK's demise, Connally was riding shot gun with JFK! Bush Sr. claimed that the Democrats had a monopoly on the voting districts.

In volume IX, Adamson uncovers links to Bill Clinton (was he set up? Wang Jun guest at the Whitehouse), ties to explosives, Henry Kissinger, and George Bush. Wang Jun (Chinese gun smuggler - CEO of CITCO) is allegedly the head of the Red Chinese Communist Police, doing business in Santa Cruz, San Jose and Oakland, California. His father was the Vice Premier of China. Wang Jun's lawyer was Kenneth W. Starr, appointed Solicitor General by former President George Bush. Jun claimed to be very good friends with Kissinger and Bush. Click here for 1973 Letter from de Mohrenschildt to the Chairman of the Republican Party, George H.W. Bush, page 1.

Click here for 1973 Letter from de Mohrenschildt to the Chairman of the Republican Party, George H.W. Bush, page 2.

Pertaining to volume X of Oswald's Closest Friend; The George de Mohrenschildt; THE ADAMSON REPORT; ZAPRUDER/BUSH AND THE CIA'S DALLAS COUNCIL ON WORLD AFFAIRS. The government will now pay Zapruder's family company LMH, Inc., 16 million dollars for the film and not the copyright of Kennedy's assassination when Zapruder had ties to Mrs. George de Mohrenschildt, LBJ, and all had ties to the CIA. Zapruder's son Henry in charge of LMH, Inc today, was an Attorney for the Department of Justice at the time his father filmed Kennedy on November 22, 1963. The Zapruder's family was represented by President Bill Clinton's lawyer Robert Bennett. Bennett's brother William was Clinton's biggest critic. Janet Reno originally appointed Al Gore's brother-in-law Frank Hunger to represent the Government's interest in the contest against the Zapruder family. Only when I complained of the conflict of interest did they remove Hunger. Janet Reno's Assistant responded to this author:

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, May 3, 1999; Re: The Adamson Report; Dear Mr. Adamson: Thank you for your letter of March 17, 1999, along with your report, exhibits, and the videotape that was sent under separate cover. I have reviewed them and am now returning them, as I indicated to you on the telephone that I would. I am retaining one copy of the report and its exhibits for my files. I understand that you have copyrighted them, and I will treat them accordingly. Without specifically responding to the many points made in the report or in your interviews on the videotape, I want to thank you for your interest in this matter and for your work pursing it. I assure you that I will do my best to achieve a fair and lawful result in the dispute over the amount of just compensation that the United States owes for taking title to the Zapruder film. Thank you. Sincerely, Leslie V. Batchelor."

George W. Bush does not want to talk about the issues set out in the next few paragraphs. Why he was working with Lee Harvey Oswald's roommate Billy Joe Lord at the same company. Lord was threaten by Edward Jay Epstein and his writers, who said that if he didn't cooperate they would go to his boss George W. Bush. Whose father was then CIA Director G.H.W. Bush. Epstein was the last person to interview de Mohrenschildt before he committed suicide. Bush's cousins, the Walker's have been one of the largest Wall Street securities firms since the beginning of the 1900s. Which gives new meaning to the T.V. series Texas Walker Ranger.

GERONIMO vs U.S. ARMY, Prescott Bush, Neil Mallon, SKULL and BONES

In 1995 while in Midland, Texas, Adamson dug up articles that Prescott Bush and Neil Mallon, both skull and bones members dug up the bones of Geronimo as an initation to the secret society in which both George Bush's and John Forbes Kerry belong. Now we have a more evidence in which the descendants of Geronimo might file a lawsuit against the U.S. Army. To see more Article by Stephen Singer Click here.

Did George W. Bush break the law when he Suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus when there was no Rebellion in the United States and the country of Iraq had not attacked the United States? Read Edward Bates' Opinion in part by clicking here. Lincoln said "You can fool some of the people some of the time; All of the people some of the time; Not All of the People all of the time!" Michael Carmichael of Oxford added:

"Let us hope that Lincoln was right. Even if he was, they do not need to fool all of the people - nor even many of the people - only those who wield the law enforcement and military power in the police state that is now evolving into Bush's America."

The Library of Congress - James Billington and the JFK Assassination matter. Congressman Sam Farr's office has corrected this matter as of March 10,2006. Thank you. 16 volume C.D. and 1,000 Points of Light on JFK, Diana and Sept. 11 has been copyrighted as of March 2005 retroactive back to May 2004. Again thanks to Congressman Sam Farr. I had copyrighted a similiar C.D. by registered mail and it was/is sealed in 1992.

Adamson's Research on the JFK Assassination has been supported by former White House of Staff Leon Panetta and law enforcement agencies.

On January 30, 2006 the trial of Kenneth Lay begins. He was George W. Bush's largest financial supporter during the election against Al Gore. Do you really believe that Bush's prosecutors are going to convict him?

On Feb. 4, 1976, George H.W. Bush made a promise himself "of eternal confidentiality" for those who had served the agency (CIA). Valerie Plame Wilson was not the first CIA agent whose identity was revealed without permission. In 1988 Nation Magazine Joseph McBride wrote a story on how the CIA revealed the identity of one George Willliam Bush. This Mr. Bush said he was "just a lowly researcher and analyst" at the time of the assassination (JFK). He said he had worked for the CIA for about six months in 1963-64 and never received such a briefing. Furthermore, George William Bush confessed to being "a little bit amazed but not entirely surprised" the CIA had divulged his employment with the agency. It had been done without advance notice to him. It seems that under both Bush family members father and son the identity of CIA agents are revealed when it is to the family's best interest. See volume one of George de Mohrenschildt Story or Nation Magazine. December 15, 2005 Novak says George W. Bush knows who leaked the information.

What if everyone went around exposing the identities of CIA agents. Just like the Bush administration? Release the names to the press of current and former CIA agents just because we didn't like their political views. I know a professor whose sons are CIA agents and working for Bush. I have cousins who are ultra-conservative, I hate their politics. What if I caused their names to be released? What if everyone did this? If no one is held accountable for exposing Valerie Plame Wilson's name then you'll have ultra confusion and disorder for when does it STOP? Isn't this un-American, yes and it is against the law.

CIA agent's have a way out, now they can get their kids to expose them. This has happened in another case. You DO NOT DECLARE WAR like Bush has on your own people regardless of their political parties. He did this to Californian's when Grey Davis was Governor and exposing Enron. Their are two sides of this sword. There is a good fight and there is the bad one. Bush picked the bad one.

Robert Novak is an agent of the CIA!

Novak worked at the Chicago Sun Times at the time he released the identity of a CIA agent Valerie Plame. This paper worked at this time with the Central Intelligence Agency and British Intelligence and was owned by then by Conrad Black. Black was mentored by Charles Wrightsman of Palm Beach, long time friend of CIA Director Allen Dulles who started the policy of the CIA having their hands in every news TV station and newspaper. Novak worked from 1958-63 for the Wall Street Journal, at the same time Dulles' Mistress Mary Bancroft (also CIA agent) owned the paper. William Henry Chamberlin the closest friend of Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt (both worked with the CIA and Dulles), Chamberlin was a writer for The Wall Street Journal from 1945 till his death 1969. Long before Novak leaked the name of Valerie Plame (knowing it was illegal), Adamson complained to his Congressman Sam Farr that Conrad Black was breaking the law by ordering Adamson's books and not paying for them. Adamson pointed out to Farr that Conrad Black was tied to MI6 and to the CIA before Novak blew Plame's cover. Also note that Chamberlin wrote an introduction paragraph for E. Howard Hunt's book Give Us This Day. Novak as a writer, should not be taken seriously, by pretending that he ONLY exposes agents, when in fact he worked in 2003 as an agent for the CIA. To counteract Black's ties with the CIA/MI6 he is prosecuted by the U.S. government for stealing millions from the Sun Chicago Times and his estate in Palm Beach where Wrightsman was his mentor has been confiscated by the U.S. government. A red herring ?


Could Dick Cheney pass a lie-detector test when it comes to involvement with the disappearance of Chondra Levy? Gary Condit was a suspect in the disappearance of Levy and his albi was that he was with Cheney at the time of Levy's disappearance and murder. Condit sat on the CIA/FBI intelligence Committees as a Congressman from California and had access to Top Secret information. Condit, a democrat, always voted republican. Since Scooter Libby has been indicted for supplying false information and acting on Cheneys' behalf. It leaves one wondering.


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