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George H.W. Bush Sr. and Al Fayed's
ties to The JFK Assassination - Princess Diana & September 11th

In my speech I will talk about three tragic events which have never really been solved. I will tie Al Fayed, the Head of the Egyptian Intelligence for more than 50 years and George H.W. Bush former CIA Director and President to:

1). The JFK Assassination;
2). The September 11, crash in 2001
3). Princess Diana's tragic death with Dodi Fayed.

That is what I'm going to talk about today.

It is NOT public knowledge that Bush Sr. which I personally research was substantially and materially involved in the JFK assassination and investigation.

Bush's dads, banking firm, Brown Brother's and Harriman gave Oswald's friend a $300,000 line of credit six months before JFK's demise. Which was then a lot of money.

Prescott Bush's partner Averill Harriman's wife died at Al Fayed's Ritz hotel in February of 1997. Pamela was an Ambassador to France and was working closely with the CIA.

In 1963 Bush was also friends with Oswald's best friend they both worked for the CIA and both were involved in the JFK assassination cover-up. While doing my research I discovered that Fayed had an affair with the daughter of Oswald's friend. While Bush Sr. wrote me that he had known Oswald's friend dating back more than 65 years.

It was Fayed's girlfriend, the daughter of Oswald and Bush's CIA friend, who discovered her dad dead from a shot gun blast to his head. This was later covered up as a "suicide", because just months prior to his death, he was quoted as saying "Oswald was set up for the JFK Assassination," and who would have know better than Oswald's best friend?

In my research I learned that in 1964 Al Fayed entered a business deal with CIA agent George de Mohren-schildt "Oswald's friend." But more importantly, I learned that Al Fayed while in business with Oswald's friend was representing El-Amir Atta which happened to be the same name of the father of Mohamed Atta the lead terrorist of September 11.

In 2003 the CIA said that Al Fayed was in charge of Egyptian Intelligence fifty years before the 9/11 crash. I learned that both their families were from Cairo, Egypt and both Atta and Fayed had family members with the same surnames.

Now to the events of 9/11 event. Six years before 9/11 happened, a CIA employee published the book High Flight which was identical to the events of that September 11, 2001 tragedy. Was the CIA employing prophets or was somebody in the CIA knowledgeable on how to successfully carry out such a plot and was giving the blueprints to a willing party?

Let's shift to the Diana crash.

Six months prior to Diana's death she was being followed by the Pentagon and the CIA. After Diana's death, 1100 pages of this documented spying were discovered but never released.

We know that Diana was a major influence in stopping production of land mines. The USA and Britain were the largest producers of land mines in the world, and there were powerful interests to keep production going such as the Caryle Group in which Bush Sr. belonged.

To this day the American Public does not have a clue as to what is in those 1100 pages. Even Al Fayed, the father of Diana's fiance who died in the crash, sued the Pentagon and the CIA in an attempt to gain access to those 1100 pages.

Keep in mind that Fayed owned the Ritz Hotel in Paris, and Harrod's in London. On July 13, 2001, Two months before the September 11th, CRASH Al Fayed with the best possible counsel money can buy, lost his case against the CIA/ Pentagon.

A connection which ties all three events together nicely is that Al Fayed's brother-in-law was Bush's business partner, who worked with Vice-President Bush in the CIA's Iran-Contra fiasco. Adnan Khashoggi was the personal adviser to the Saudi Royal Family. Bin Laden was once welcomed into the Saudi Royal Family at that time.

Bush's CIA friend and business partner Khashoggi (Dodi Al Fayed's uncle) was working with the Saudi Royal Family at the time they donated large amounts of money to the terrorists of September 11.

Because these facts are known, yet not spoken of publically or questioned, leads one to believe some do not want US to ever know who is responsible for these deaths. We blame the butler, because that is convenient, but perhaps someone much closer, really did it.


What is certain is that Al Fayed had ties to the lead 9/11 terrorist Atta who was Eygptian and Al Fayed brother-in-law to the Saudi Royal Family. 17 of the 9/11 terrorists were of Saudi descent. Al Fayed is connected to Bush through his brother-in-law Khashoggi and both are tied to ALL THREE EVENTS; THE JFK Assassination; 9-11 and Diana's death.

Khashoggi was involved with Bush through Iran-Contra. Al Fayed was involved with Oswald's CIA friend and Bush associate.
Al Fayed was channeling money to Bush Sr.'s campaign because Al Fayed had the Power of Attorney through the Sultan of Brunei during the first Bush Presidency. All these are facts and are not to be disputed. You may draw your own conclusions, but as Paul Harvey would say, "Now you know the rest of the story."

Do you have any questions?