A Federal Whistleblower's Website - Make sure you watch the FREE four videos on Harold Adamson, 40 minutes; 2). Madame S.T. Ting Wong Long Life to Chinese Cooking at age 100 years old; 15 minutes; 3). JFK assassination 50th Anniversary, 1 hour; and 4). The Spirit of Alton, Before, During and After Civil War 2 hours. For the past 30 years Adamson sold volumes on family history and JFK's demise. Bruce Adamson as a Whistleblower offered 14 volumes from the George de Mohrenschildt to George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton's JFK Assassination Records Review Board Act in the mid 1990s. The U.S. government spent millions each year! Paying the Zapruder family 16 million dollars for the film of JFK's assassination even though Zapruder had ties to de Mohrenschildt and to the CIA's Dallas Council on World Affairs. Adamson turned the material into volume ten of the de Mohrenschildt Story. For thirty years he has focused on Howard Hughes ties to de Mohrenschildt and Lee Harvey Oswald. When George H.W. Bush signed The JFK Records Review Board Act into law it was fraud for Bush Sr.told no one that he had known Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend, a CIA agent since 1942. Adamson has written books on his relatives and the New York Stock Exchange, U.S. Postal History, and the US Civil War. Adamson is self taught as a genealogist and has put together the Barrymore Family website and twenty-six books. Learn more on John F. Kennedy's 50th anniversary. "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what your country did to him."