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These songs were written by Harold Adamson with many composers for television, radio and Broadway.


Time On My Hands -with Vincent Youmans

Beneath The Moon of Mexico
Carry On-Keep Smiling
I'm Glad I Waited

1931 Say The Word
Have A Heart
Goin' To Town
Love Came Into My Heart
1932 Have A Little Faith in Uncle Sam
Here's Hoping
Look Who's Here
1933 Sittin' In The Dark
I'm Throwin' My Love Away
Headin' For A Weddin"
Stringin' Along On A Shoestring
Goodbye Again
1934 In The Good Old Wintertime
1935 Ninon
1937 Dream Boat
1939 I'm Like A Bird
What Are The Wild Waves Saying
The Little Man Who Wasn't There
This Changing World
The Little Things That Mean So Much
It's A Wonderful World
Blue Dawn
The Thrill Of A New Romance
720 In the Books
Dream Shadows
Thank Your Stars
1940 Martinique
Naughty Hula Eyes
Hilo Hattie
Island Serenade
Ferry-Boat Serenade
The Nickel Man
1941 On Lake Louise
Wings of England
My Love Is Yours Forever
1942 Sentimental Rhapsody
The Humming Bird
Manhattan Serenade
Bim Bam Boom
Moonlight Mood
1943 Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer
Five O'Clock Drag
1944 Lets Help The Red Cross Save A White Cross
Always Remember
1945 Let's Have An Old-Fashioned Christmas
'There's A New Flag on Iwo Jima
We've Got Another Bond To Buy
Buy A Bond
1950 The Hokey Pokey Polka
I Came All The Way From Texas
A Woman Likes to Be Told
I Kissed My Heart Goodbye
In The City Of The Angels
Huckleberry Pie
1951 Let's Gather Round The Parlor Piano
1953 I Love Lucy
1955 Don't Give Your Kisses To Somebody Else
Down Boy
The Legend of Wyatt Earp
1956 Dame Crazy
Too Young To Go Steady
Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow
Strip For Action
I Just Found Out About Love (And I Like It)
Little Miss Tippy Toes
God Has His Arms Around Me
Away Out West
1957 High Widin' Woman
Rock-A-Bye Bluebird
1958 I've Come To California
1959 Make Mine Love
Love Me Forever
Blue Afternoon
A Candle In The Wind
Let's Have An Old Fashioned Christmas
Ol Kris Kringle
Ida From Idaho
Scent of Mystery
The Chase
Who Taught You How To Kiss Like That
I Don't Know Where My Next Kiss Is Coming From
Gettin' It All For Free
A Chapel In Apple Valley
Anything Can Happen In The Moonlight
I Was in Love
1960 The Red White and Blue of Hawaii
1961 Love Kick
Love Is Everything
Take It Slow
Catalina Moon
1962 His Little World
Are We Talking About The Same Thing
Sidewalks of Paree
Once I Wondered
I Hate To Travel
I'm A Sleuth
One Woman Man
Carry On
1963 Tandy
Speak Not A Word
It's Time For Love
1965 Close Beside You
1966 The Ballad of Will Kane
He Came Along
Speaking of Dreams
1970 The Army Air Patrol
Couldn't Be More In Love
I Threw a Kiss To A Star
Treat Em Rough
The Calico Kid
Back Home In Old Wyoming
Heel And Toe