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MOTIVE for 9-11 Al FAYED lost son Dodi - Friend of Atta's - Britain lost Diana - Adnan Khashoggi lost nephew - Jamal Khashoggi lost COUSIN. Visit Al Fayed vs CIA, Pentagon lawsuit click here.

Why does Media ignore Trump's ties to Jamal Khashoggi? Is TRUMP & SAUDI's TRYING TO STOP LAWSUIT and DISCOVERY that US judges said could go forward? Did Trump & Saudi's kill Jamal Khashoggi over his knowledge of who was really behind 9-11? GUESS WHO JAMAL's UNCLE's WERE/ARE? President Obama also wanted 9-11 lawsuits STOPPED. Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001 (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia et al), 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Nos. 12-1318, 12-1350, 12-1441, 12-1476, 12-1477 and 12-1519. CIA ties to JFK, Diana and 9-11 through Bush, Al Fayed & Khashoggi families. 15 Saudi's 2 Egyptians 1 being Mohamed Atta. Jamal's uncle-by-marriage Al Fayed the head of Egyptian Intelligence and representative of Atta's father in 1964. While Jamal's other uncle Adnan Khashoggi was personal adviser to Saudi Royal Family working for Bush-Reagon team (Iran-Contra) died last year in 2017. Judge rules that lawsuit 9-11 victims vs. Saudi Royal Family can go forward.


TRUMP TOWERS Ltd -- A CIA Front -- Congress can control the FBI but not the CIA. Muelluer has a long reputation of protecting the reputation of the FBI and CIA. What if they are in cahoots? Tax returns, don't make me laugh. Distract, distract, distract.

Donald Trump should be INDICTED not IMPEACHED. (No votes in the Senate. What about discrimination against dark skin people. Look at how he treated the Puerto Rico after the hurricane, "Throwing towels at them.

There are more Canadians coming into the USA then Mexican-Americans. Trump said "he could walk across Fifth Avenue and kill someone and still get elected....the 2nd amendment people will take care of Hillary." Hillary has many CIA contacts, yet what surprises me is that not one word on how Jamal Khassohggi was told by the Saudi Royal family not to critcize Trump. Jamal's uncles were Adnan Khashoggi and Mohamed Al Fayed. Adnan was the personal adviser to the Saudi Royal family until he died in 2017, Al Fayed represented El-Amir Atta in 1964 while in business with CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt. Jamal was a cousin to Dodi Fayed until he died with Princess Diana in Paris, France. Trump more on click here

CNN on Patti Hearst -- interesting note is that in 1954 de Mohrenschildt had Patti's grandmother Millicent Hearst listed in his phone book. He also had one of the Hearst family journalist the "Cholly Knickerbocker," in his address book aka. Igor Cassini. Igor's first wife "Bootsie" married William R. Hearst, Jr. When "Bootsie" died in early 1990s, The N.Y. Times released that she had been married to Igor Cassini the 'designer" when in fact she was married to a Hearst journalist Cassini who had worked with Dorothy Kilgallen. Patty Hearst also had ties to Edwin Pauley's company man from California Stanard Oil Company. Pauley was a CIA agent, while the FBI could not find Patty the CIA knew exactly where she was. Dimitri and George de Mohrenschildt's good friend was in charge of Wm. R. Hearst's estate who also was friends with Cassini. Mrs. Charlene Wrightsman-Cassini took her life in April of 1963 while de Mohrenschildt was hanging out with Lee Harvey Oswald. Mrs. Cassini took her life because of attorney general Robert F. Kennedy. Could it be that Patti learnedof her family's ties to the JFK killing? Wm. R. Hearst died in the 1950s he had nothing to do with JFK's demise. Adamson's father sold Hearst's mistress Marion Davies a 10-acre estate in Palm Springs after she married Horace Brown.

BO GRITZ and DAVID BRADSHAW - BRUCE ADAMSON 1 hour radio show ---- 21 years ago.

1). It was Colonel Andrw Amerson, also a Vietnam Vet who helped in editing JFK related books, video and Civil War video; he was a Deputy Attorney General for State of California while also chief prosecutor for Judge Advocate General's Office. I went to retirement party when several Generals said "I would go to war for Andy." 3). Colonel Fletcher Prouty "Fletch" suggested that I divide books into separate volume. He was portrayed in Oliver Stone's film "JFK" as Donald Sutherland (Colonel X). Thank you for the support for the past twenty-five years.3). JFK & Bo Gritz with David Bradshaw; Twenty-one years ago was heard Around the World. Bo was one, or the most decorated Vietnam Veteran.

Visit two hour Radio Show with Bo Gritz, which documents conclusions.

Visit radio show on Nov. 22, 1996 click here

AS HEARD ON WOR RADIO NOVEMBER 22, ----- 51st Anniversary

Visit three hour Radio Show with Deanna Spingola on Nov. 21, 2015 click here

Click to watch One Hour video on de Mohrenschildt for Free---}


JFK Assassination -- Coast to Coast 2004 - In 1948 Bruce Adamson's father Douglas Adamson was voted "Top Ten" D.J. in the United Station by Billboard magazine when he worked at KLAC in Los Angeles.

I suppose that the number one motive for the removal of JFK would be that the establishment both Republican/Democrat wanted to show the public what would happened to an individual if they tried to promote a nuclear war. No matter who you were. Just a thought, yet there were other motives.


The Media Bows to the Rich and Bow-wow's to the Poor! -- Not Here

In 1953 Walter Washington was in charge of 250 CIA agents in the Guatemala Coup to over throw it's government and he was working with CIA Director and future Warren Commissioner Allen Dulles. Two months later the World Trade Center tragedy came down. Many years earlier the CIA supplied Osama bin Laden with funds to fight the Russians. Eight years later Panetta became CIA director and is still working with them under the cover of the Panetta Institute. As a whistleblower, one does not stop becoming a whistleblower when he points out waste in the Federal Government. As a whistleblower it is illegal for the U.S. government to retailiate. Under Bill Clinton, Panetta was in charge of the budget and has been given credit for the 1998 balance budget by eliminating the military and closing down their bases. In 1992-93 he supported Adamson's work on the JFK assassination and when he went into the White House stopped all support. Is this bravery?

Swift Boat Vietnam Veteran, John Forbes Kerry had a cousin Ruth Forbes Paine who made Swift millions off of Arthur Young, her husband's invention: the Bell Helicopter. Kerry a skull and bones man has been photographed with JFK and his cousin Michael Paine and his wife Ruth Hyde Paine found Lee Harvey Oswald a job at the Texas School Building a few weeks before JFK's demise. Ruth Forbes Paine was tied to 1) George & Dimitri de Mohrenschildt's and 2). Warren Commssioner Allen Dulles' lover. Let US focus on SWIFT Helicopters. Also one must ask was the election between Bush Jr and Kerry a farce? Both were skull and bones Yale Graduates.

Learn more on John F. Kennedy's 50th anniversary.

"Ask not what your country can do for you," but what your country did to him.




"I cannot say that I never was a CIA agent, I cannot prove it. I cannot prove either that I ever was. Nobody can. George de Mohrenschildt 1

Oh! Yes they Can

And The Oscar for Best Conspiracy Goes to LINCOLN -- TEAM of RIVIALS !


Since 1992 BRUCE ADAMSON has been on Radio Shows speaking on

JFK Assassination -- Coast to Coast 2004 --



A PICTURE SAYS A 1,000 Words - Oswald was taken to Republic National Bank Building for a job interview -

Bush Sr. and the CIA finger prints are all over the JFK Assassination -- C L I C K H E R E


Who was CIA Agent George de Mohrenschildt? Click to see de Mohrenschildt Chart?

Adamson has been a Guest on many Radio Shows since 1996.GEORGE NOORY had me on as a guest in 2005.

Who was CIA Agent George de Mohrenschildt? Find out by listening to Adamson. with Dr. Stanley Montieth as a guest about 25 times on Genesis Radio Network Oct. 31, 2007.

P R E S S - R E L E A S E - For Booking 2007.

George de Mohrenschildt had ties to Lehman Brothers as did Prescott Bush who poured money into the Lehman Company in 1932. Click to see how George H.W. Bush's cousin George Herbert Walker, IV ran Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Click to read more on Lehman Brothers and George Herbert Walker the cousin of both Presidents drop in and visit URL here.Walker's father, George Herbert Walker III, was U. S. ambassador to Hungary. Walker's great-grandfather, George Herbert Walker I, was the founder of G. H. Walker & Co.Walker was raised in St. Louis, Missouri and has a younger sister, Carter.

George Herbert Walker may refer to:

* George Herbert Walker (1875-1953), American banker and businessman
* George Herbert Walker, Jr. (1905-1977), American businessman
* George Herbert Walker III, former U.S. ambassador to Hungary
* George Herbert Walker IV, American business man and managing director at Lehman Brothers
* George Herbert Walker Bush, American Politician

What if Bruce Adamson's dad could get the Senior Bush on a lie detector, could he pass the test ? Douglas Adamsoon was voted America's top ten DJ in USA by Billboard Magazine.

The following volumes comprise the complete series for the books on Oswald's Closest Friend; The George De Mohrenschildt Story:


Oswald's Closest Friend: The George De Mohrenschildt Story

During the 1990s the JFK Assassination Records Review Board Act our government has spent millions of dollars into the research of the assassination of our 35th President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. As a former Federal employee, on several occasions I have offered all of my research under the Whistleblowing Act to the Clinton administration without receiving replies. President Clinton's former Chief of Staff, Leon Panetta, in the past (1992), had supported this author's research as a former Congressman for the County of Santa Cruz. This author believes that it was certainly unethical and boardering upon fraud when President George Bush signed into law The JFK Assassination Records Review Board Act and did not disclose that he knew George de Mohrenschildt since 1942. In order to understand the conflict of interest George Bush played in the JFK assassination investigation in 1963 and in 1976, one needs to look at his entire career with the CIA and Zapata Oil industry. Did George de Mohrenschildt work on 1973 film Executive Action which script was written by Mark Lane and Donald Freed? Adamson found the letters between Freed and de Mohrenschildt. By clicking on link you can see that De Mohrenschildt had prior knowledge that LBJ was going to be deleted from film.

CLICK HERE FOR details on Executive Action. Email Bruce Adamson if you want to buy VHS copy of film Executive Action which de Mohrenschildt was aan advisor to Mark Lane and Donald Freed.


Santa Monica College Corsair - November 17, 1997, by Donna Lynn

As the 34th anniversary of John Fitzgerald Kennedy's assassination approaches, Bruce Campbell Adamson, a self-taught genealogist, historian, author and Santa Monica College graduate says that he is close to solving "the crime of the century."

When his father died in 1980, Adamson applied for a job at the Post Office. He says he "wanted to work outdoors" because it seemed to be a "healthy" job with few problems.

"It took me five years to get hired," he says "And I retired in five years." and has used the money to research the JFK assassination.

"I started researching it (JFK) because I was tired of the subject, said Adamson. When I began my research Oliver Stone's movie, JFK, had just been released and I was sick and tired of all of the theories generated by the tabloid news agencies." This motivated him to write and publish The JFK Assassination Timeline Chart, and eight volumes (now eleven volumes) of Oswald's Closest Friend; The George de Mohrenschildt Story. Each bit of information led to another, and Adamson soon discovered that some of his own family members were coincidentally associated with persons connected to George de Mohrenschildt in one way or another. In the past 14 years, Adamson's research has taken him through the government and the Central Intelligence Agency...In a trail that leads from oil fields to Wall Street to the sales of helicopters used in the Vietnam War, Adamson claims that he exposes evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone.

"Everything that we are today exists today because of the past," he said "If historians don't get the story right, then our lives today are based upon lies."

He also link's "alleged lone assassin" Oswald to de Mohrenschildt, an aristocrat who had ties to the rich and famous. Adamson asserts that these elites may have benefited financially from JFK's death. The wealthy "were also retaliating for their political as well as other motives," said Adamson.

"Wealthy individuals having prior knowledge of the plans to kill JFK could sell short on the New York Stock Exchange and buy their company back for half the price after the assassination," Adamson said. On the day of the assassination, the stock market lost 11 billion in paper." Adamson's main theory focuses on a U.S. oil depletion allowance, which grants oilmen a 27.5 percent tax break when reinvesting in their other corporation. Adamson says that Texas oilmen plotted the assassination of JFK to gain more power, and that the Warren Commission found Oswald guilty without a fair trial. He places de Mohrenschildt with a group of friends -- one of whose grandfather's chartered the oil depletion allowance in the 1920s."...

De Mohrenschildt died on March 29, 1977, of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Adamson, however, says de Mohrenschildt could have been murdered, since the CIA was on his back about his knowledge of the assassination. Adamson asserts that de Mohrenschildt, prior to his death, told a close friend that a number of oilmen, FBI and CIA agents were behind the JFK assassination. Photo to left is the wife of Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt, brother of George de Mohrenschildt and Dimitri is the stepfather to Bush's closest friend. This 1937 photograph was published in the N.Y. Times. She is the mother of G.H.W. Bush's closest friend at Andover and at Yale, Edward Gordon Hooker. Hooker was a cousin to Mrs. J. D. Rockefeller. CLICK HERE FOR details on their blue blood heritage.

CLICK HERE FOR details on their wedding. Dimitri was the step father to Bush Sr.'s best friend.

"De Mohrenschildt had complained to his friend, CIA Director George Bush in September of 1976 about being harassed," Adamson wrote. "Shortly thereafter, Bush contacted the FBI Director and it was not long after that de Mohrenschildt would find himself in Parkland Hospital receiving nine shock treatments."

Were the shock treatments CIA-sponsored, Adamson asks? While Bush was CIA Director, more than 200 Top Secret documents came up missing, including the letters between de Mohrenschildt and Bush, says Adamson.

Like Oswald, de Mohrenschildt went to his grave insisting that Oswald was "just a patsy," and that Oswald was not the assassin, according to Adamson. "That's a dying declaration," Adamson insists. "When someone makes a statement on their deathbed, they're likely telling the truth." Is finding the truth about JFK's murder Bruce Campbell Adamson's destiny? Is Adamson possessed by the genetics of his own distinguished American heritage, driving him to correct an error made in history? Is he driven by Hustler magazine's bounty of $1 million to whoever determines the murderer?

"Circumstantial evidence does not lie," says Adamson. "And people should not be afraid to focus and speak of these associations in our society, which allows free speech, nor should they fear retaliation for alienating the rich and famous."

CLICK HERE FOR 1062 photo of Marilyn Monroe in background is Peter Lawford's Home where McNamara was in 1962. Is George Barris related to CIA assassin Chuck Barris? Whose uncle-by marriage was CIA's Wiliam S. Paley owner of CBS who employed CIA assassin George de Mohrenschidt.


Photograph below is William Randolph Hearst Jr. "Bill" and his Brother in front of what would later become Peter Lawford's home. Hearst remarried Igor Cassini's wife. Who knows the whole Patricia Campbell Hearst coop may have been tied to the JFK Assassination. Wm. R. Hearst Sr.'s wife is listed in de Mohrenschildt's phonebook and the Hearst family were LBJ's exclusive publicity agents. One of the top JFK assassination researchers Paul Hoch befriended Patty Hearst while she was on the lamb, not even the FBI could find her. Hoch is the exclusive editor for Peter Dale Scott of Berkeley.

Click to watch video of JFK's swim at Peter Lawford's and Ivan Goff's home S. M. Beach--}

My good friend Mr. McNamara for more than 35 years was a police officer at the Santa Monica Police Department. McNamara was stationed at the house south of President Kennedy's in-law, Peter Lawford while my housekeeper Irene was working for Ivan Goff on the north side. They leo and Irene would become friends years later through our family. Leo was told by his commander "do not leave your post". Yet, when Mr. McNamara saw President Kennedy running for the ocean without secret service he ran after him. Leo faced severe disciplinariary action for leaving his post, yet his job was to protect the President. Only when an officer on the Santa Monica Bluff backed McNamara's story was he cleared. Ironically a L.A. Herald Examiner photographer Cliff Weisselmann shot the episode and it made the front page on August 20, 1962. Six days later JFK would be photographed with a man who would almost become the Second President with the initials of "JFK". The importance of this story is that it shows how well President Kennedy was protected on the west coast and also that de Mohrenschildt's had ties to William Randolph Hearst who was LBJ's exclusive publicity agents. The De Mohrenschildt's knew the trustee of the Hearst Estate, Serge Semenenko. An interesting note about McNamara as of July 4, 2005 he has hit 18 hole-in-ones as a golfer. The same as TigerWoods. When in Ireland McNamara has played golf with Anthony Summers author of Conspiracy.

Another interesting tidbit, recently I received an email from Ivan Goff's niece and she remembers visiting her uncle, Ivan Goff creator of Charlie's Angels. While she was in the ocean she too ran into President Kennedy and was kicked in the armpit by JFK. Was it the same day as Leo's encounter?

CLICK HERE FOR photo of JFK and John Forbes Kerry Kerry is a first cousin to Ruth (Forbes) Paine whose son was putting the Oswald's up in their home in Irving, Texas. Also note that Ruth Paine's dear friend Mary Bancroft was CIA Director and Warren Commissioner Allen Dulles' lover. Next to John Forbes Kerry in this photo is Mrs. Hugh D. Auchincloss who dated George de Mohrenschildt in 1938. Is it merely coincidence that Mohrenschildt's and Ruth Forbes Paine had the same friend for more than 50 years? Jux-the-position and see volume VI for more on this connection.

Adamson's fascinating bloodline hasn't gone to his head. He maintains that he's just "a simple guy. I'm nothing special," he says, but "here I am trying to solve the 'crime of the century,'" for which "there is no statute of limitations on murder." An hour or two before this photograph was taken, JFK went to Church in Beverly Hills and sat next to Jack Haley and composer Jimmy McHugh. McHugh was Harold Adamson's songwriting partner. McHugh's brother "Larry" passed the collection plate and JFK dropped a $100.00 bill into it, according to the L.A. Times.

To Whom It May Concern:

On January 11, 1948, Larry McHugh, friend of John F. Kennedy attended my father's wedding and signed the register at St. Peter's Catholic Church.

Larry's brother Jimmy McHugh was best man at Douglas Morrison Adamson's wedding to Nancy Kissam Ely. McHugh was Harold Adamson's song writing partner. Photo to right is father of Nancy Ely, George W. Ely with Jackie Kennedy's father standing right behind him, Black Jack Bouvier March 1922. Ely was the grandfather to Bruce Adamson.

Larry and Jimmy McHugh went to a Beverly Hills Church the day that Leo McNamara went to the aid of President Kennedy when he went for a swim at Santa Monica in 1962.

Others of note that were in attendance were Mr. and Mrs. Steve Allen (aka. Jane Meadows).

Bruce C. Adamson -- Dated March 7, 2006---







"Mr. Adamson has completed a work of scholarship for those who are, in any way, interested in the 1963 assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Mr. Adamson's work is in two books although each book may be read separately and purchased separately.

The first book is a timeline which sets the activities of all the major players (some well known and some not so well known) linked directly or indirectly to the events in Dallas. These individuals range from the Kennedy family and their associates, to government leaders, to Lee Harvey Oswald, to Oswald's friend George de Mohrenschildt. De Mohrenschildt was active in the intelligence community in World War II and there is evidence he worked for Nelson Rockefeller. Mr. Adamson simply sets out facts in chronological order in the timeline and allows the reader to draw his or her own conclusions based on the relationships disclosed.

Mr. Adamson's second book deals specifically with George de Mohrenschildt, a white Russian emigrant who befriended Lee Harvey Oswald. In this well documented and well researched volume Mr. Adamson draws some startling conclusions as to who was really behind President Kennedy's assassination and why our President was killed.

As a former prosecutor in the United States military and as a present prosecutor in California, I was impressed both with the manner in which Mr. Adamson collected and presented facts and with the depth of his analysis. As a skeptic of any conspiracy theory, I must confess that I find Mr. Adamson's facts and analysis compelling after having read his books. These books should be read by anyone who is interested in this pivotal period of our nation's history."

-Andrew D. Amerson.


"Thank you for your continued contact with my office...on the assassination of President, John F. Kennedy. From the documentation you have provided, you certainly seem to have devoted a great deal of time to this dramatic event...I send my best wishes for success in your future endeavors."

-Leon Panetta.

Around Jan. 6, 1993, former Congressman and Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton, presented portions of Adamson's research to the Judiciary Committee of Congress. Adamson shoots Clinton with a camera at San Jose State University. Why did the Clinton administration protect George H.W. Bush's involvement in the JFK Assassination? Adamson blew the whistle yet the Clinton administration spent MILLIONS of Dollars under the JFK Asssassination Records Review Board Act and ignored ALL of Adamson's discoveries even though his Chief of Staff supported it. Can you blame him? If he tried to bring out the truth there would be no more Clinton. The Review Board committed FRAUD by giving the Zapruder family 16 million dollars for the Zapruder film when he had CIA ties and by not mentioning George de Mohrenschildt ONCE in their Report.

CLICK HERE FOR Letter of Support Leon Panetta. Under President Bill Clinton's watch the U.S. Government spent millions digging up so called JFK Assassination related materials. The government refused to acknowledge Adamson's work. Adamson is a former U.S. Federal Whistleblower. Adamson shot Bill Clinton with a camera in 1991 at San Jose State University to the right.


Watch 10 minute clip of 1 hour long video: 1,000 Points of Light on JFK, Diana and Sept. 11th with Bruce Adamson on Nightly News as Researcher and on JFK's assassination by clicking here.

volumes on C.D. click on link below:

  • Vol. 1-11 and 700 pages more added : entirely on CD (2500 pages) using Acrobat 6.0.

    1,000 Points of Light on JFK, Diana and Sept. 11th will aire on Comcast in Hollywood on December 27th at 5:30 PM Pacific Time.

    President John F. Kennedy's speech on Education to Congress January 29, 1963.

    Education is the keystone in the area of freedom and progress...For the nation, increasing the quality and availability of education is vital to both our national security and our domestic well-being. A free nation can rise no higher than the standard of excellenceset in its schools and colleges. Ignorance and illiteracy....these and other failures in our social and economic system...It requires skilled manpower and brain-power to match the power of totalitarian discipline...And it requires an electorate in every state with sufficiently broad horizons and sufficient maturity of judgment to guide this nation safely through whatever lies ahead."

    If we can not, nor will not educate the people on why President Kennedy was assassinated and those who run the country are committed to hide behind a curtain of lies than can our country truly be educated? Come with me and examine the causes and effects that led to the assassination of President Kennedy if you too care about "'whatever lies ahead.'"

    Read about The Man John F. Kennedy fired upon becoming President John Hay Whitney. His grandpa was the personal Secretary to Abraham Lincoln. JFK wrote to Whitney ambassador to Great Britian "Pack Your Bags Jock. Jack Kennedy." Whitney is also tied to Vanderbilts, The Astor's, the CIA: William S. Paley, de Mohrenschildt, Allen Dulles, five trustess of the Museum of Modern Art, Nelson Rockefeller, Wm S. Paley, Henry Luce, Philip C. Johnson, Charles Wrightsman and Colonel M. Paul (JFK's landlord and friend of de Mohrenschildt). READ more on John "Jock" Hay Whitney.

    Long before Jack Ruby killed Oswald this was in 1933 tied to the Hart Lynching in San Jose California as Alameda's District Attorney. Earl Warren said "these two lynchings come as a direct result of the laws of this nation against serious crimes not being adequately enforced. Our government simply has not measured up to its responsibility as far as protecting life and property are concerned...I cannot help but believe that if the public were adequately protected against murder and kidnapping, the people would never take the law into their own hands in such matters." Earl Warren said this thirty years before.


    Rush to Judgment Leon Panetta Does have CIA experience

    List of George W. Bush's Pardons Many Conspiracies - How many ar

    The CIA and Howard Hughes' His Kind of Woman is a great film. Vincent Price is subperb. Story plot sounds like Oswald being set up in Mexico "as Patsy." In 1972 Robert Mitchum was in film with de Mohrenschildt's daughter Alexandria in The Wrath of God. Mitchum was great in this film and Alexandra was an extra. Looking as good as Paula Pritchett the leading actress, if not better. G.H. Bush and de Mohrenschildt were all friends of Howard Hughes. A deported gangster causes problems for guests at a Mexican resort. Cast: Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell, Vincent Price. Dir: John Farrow; This film is interesting for it is more than 10 years before JFK's assassination. Hughes was back in favor with the U.S. government and at some point worked with the CIA. De Mohrenschildt claimed to be friends with Howard Hughes since 1938. Hughes was also from Houston and a Texas oilman and tied to George H.W. Bush. You'll Know was the song that she sung for Robert Mitchum and Vincent Price. You thought the Manchurian Candidate was something you ought to watch Sinatra in Suddenly.1954, nine years before JFK's demise. At 2:30 AM , May 31, 2007 on Turner Entertainment. Suddenly Gunmen take over a suburban home to plot a presidential assassination. Cast: Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden, James Gleason. Dir: Lewis Allen. BW-75 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format


    For Sale 12 Letters 2 Postcards with Signatures from Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt

    Also have 28 Letters from Congressman Leon Panetta now CIA Director for Sale.






    In Memory of Edward Sherry of West Palm Beach, Florida.

    Click to see only a few of the emails Ed Sherry sent me over a period of 20 years ----------}

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