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Photograph at top is B. Adamson in Pahoa, Hawaii taken by Rikki Mendias.


John McCain saves repeal of Obama care on Senate floor in front of A hole Mitch McConnell and thus allows health care to all Covid-19 victims click here.

Mitt Romney wanted to repeal Obama Care while niece is paying for all of Donald Trump legal bills so she said as chairwoman of the RNC. Mitt Romney wants to replace Obama Care click here.

Mitt Romney, whom I respect for marching in Black Lives Matter and casting the single vote for Impeachment against Donald Jay Trump. In the impeachment of President Trump the lead cause was because he tried to attack the character of Hunter and Joseeph Biden for their roles in Ukraine. Today in November after the election we find Mitt Romney's niece as the chairwoman for the RNC to pay Donald Trump's legal fees in fighting the election of Biden/Harris vs. Trump/Pence.

Romney's niece is Ronna Romney McDaniel and her mother is also a Trump supporter. Mitt Romney playing both sides of the aisle, he has voted for Trump's agenda on several occasions....yet he does come across as a great guy. The Mormon Church is known for their members having many spouses and teenaged girls. Donald Trump is known to be a good friend of Jeffrey Epstein who molestated young girls. Has the Mormon Church gone to support Porn Stars and Playboy bunnies, murder and riots? Well Ronna said she would pay "all of Trump's legal bills. Sixty-two (62) cases and two impeachments and she owns the "Stop the Steal" movement with two impeachments, she said everyone deserves "due process," when she took over as chair of the RNC. Yet the civil and criminal violence of Jan. 6, 2021 is not due process. Donald Trump picked Ronna Romney McDaniels as his chair/woman of the RNC. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.

Ronna Romney McDaniel biographical sketch click here.


George de Mohrenschildt & JFK Assassination ====} Click to watch FREE video 1 hour long shown in LA; NYC, Brooklyn, Tucson, Santa Cruz and other cities.

2008 Bruce Campbell Adamson Threatened to Chop

Arm of California Supreme Court Justice Addison Niles

Click to read article.

Watch 10 minute clip of 1 hour long video: 1,000 Points of Light on JFK, Diana and Sept. 11th with Bruce Adamson on Nightly News as Researcher and on JFK's assassination by clicking here.

"Bruce Campbell Adamson digs UP Roots in 1985." Click to read article.

TRANSLATIONS of ADAMSON's WEBSITES in Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, and Italian.

Madame S.T. Ting Wong passed away on May 19, 2008

Adamson produced a 15 minute video Madame Wong at the age of 100 cooking Shrimp and Peas. Promo on Facebook by Colonel Andrew Amerson.. "Still Cooking at 100 Years Shrimp and Peas." If your interested in book and video please send $25.00 to PO box above. Or email Adamson at

Wong taught Wolfgang Puck how to Peking duck at his restaurant, Chinois in Santa Monica. The Chinese are well know to respect the elderly. "

At the age of 15 Bruce was the senior reporter, editor and printer of the school newspaper at Boys Town of the Desert. 35 years later on May 28, 2005 Bruce C. Adamson turned 51 years old! As a historian, genealogist and a name dropper as a genealogist.

Adamson graduated in 1985 from Santa Monica City College. Following in his father's footsteps (Douglas M. Adamson) Bruce majored in real estate receiving his real estate license in 1981.

Bruce followed in his father's footsteps, sort of. Since 1982 he has been license by the California Department of Real Estate. Bruce C. Adamson was taught by the best at Santa Monica College; Professors Larry Gentry, (former neighbor to Nicole Brown-Simpson--Larry Gentry passed away on Feb. 20, 2009); William Snyder, Esq. (Attorney-Broker); William Reid, (Comedian); Silas. Ely (author of Basic Real Estate Appraisal 6th Edition. Basic Real Estate Appraisal 6th Edition Richard M. Betts MAI Silas J. Ely RECI) and others.

As a real estate agent in California Adamson closed one real estate deal to actor Timothy Hutton in 1982. Some career! Speaking of my father of course

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Photo of Bald Eagle in Santa Cruz 4/1/ 2002 by Bruce Adamson no fooling. I captured 12 minutes of video of the eagle with his friend a golden eagle.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to express them in an email. Just click on the mailbox! Bruce in a boat

ADAMSON HAS BEEN A DEDICATED MEMBER OF TWO OF THE LARGEST UNIONS IN THE U.S.A. AMERICAN POSTAL WORKER'S AND MAIL HANDLERS UNIONS. An interesting note is that in 1985 as a U.S. mail carrier the last person I delivered mail to was LYLE ALZADO linebacker for the Oakland Raiders. He invited me into his home and was able to get autographs for my nephews. He was truly one of the largest men in thickness I had ever seen. About six inches larger than my Samoan friend who was the Olympic Weight Lifter for the State of Hawaii and whom could bench press pver 500 pounds. Afterwards the first person I delivered mail to as a clerk was my cousin Meg Foster in Topanga Canyon all this was in 1985. U.S. Male, as Elvis would say.

Don't forget your mailman or women at Christmas. Donuts, food or small gifts are always appreciated by your local Postal Employees. In the long run it will assure better service to you for they are working very hard!


Click to read letter from author and historian Page Smith 1991

Click to read letter from Deputy Superintendent Thomas J. Donner of Santa Monica College 1991.