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Watch 10 minute clip of 1 hour long video: 1,000 Points of Light on JFK, Diana and Sept. 11th with Bruce Adamson on Nightly News as Researcher and on JFK's assassination by clicking here.

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Learn how Northern California uses fish "blue gill" to constantly check the water supply for San Francisco. This site is a Supporter of the World Water Foundation Click here.


Why The Media Refuses to Look at Evidence on Diana's Demise. All of the British Tabliods tell us "There was no Conspiracy." Keep ya Royal Family but don't shove it down our throats.

1). What happened to the videos that are on both sides of Paris Tunnel, where Diana and Dodi Fayed died ?

2). Why won't the CIA/Pentagon share more than 1100 pages with Al Fayed and the Public in the United States, whom has a Right to Know? Why did the CIA and The Pentagon take an interest in Princess Diana before her "ACCIDENT." 1100 page interest? Al Fayed lost lawsuit against CIA/Pentagon two months before September 11, 2001 crash. Since the 1960s Al Fayed has long been friends with El-Amir Atta, father of lead hijacker. Before the hijacker of Sept. 11th had even been born. Fayed has been involved with Egyptian Intelligence since 1954 according to the CIA. FAYED may be correct that the British and the U.S.A. Intelligence conspired to kill Diana because of the Land Mine issue. Court case Al Fayed vs CIA and Pentagon, is listed on this website at

3). Why did it take two hours to get Diana to Emergency Hospital ? Media covered this.

4).. Fayed was in business with Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend, CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt in 1964. Not only was he having An Affair to Remember with Alexandria, Fayed De Mohrenschildt was tied to Britians Ambassador John "Jock" Hay Whitney before JFK was even elected as President. This CIA agent's brother was married to a Companion of the Order of Garter before Women were accepted! Way back in the 1930s.

5).. Did Fayed have a hand in Ambassador Pamela Harriman's death in the swimming pool at The Ritz Hotel ? This was under Bill Clinton's administration. Bill Clinton's administration refused to attend the Land Mine Treaty shortly after Diana's death in Ottawa, Canada. WHY ? No wonder the Clinton and Bush Families have become the U.S.A.'s Royal Family Flush. How can four Presidents from two families run this country all being graduates of Yale University which is known to hire CIA agents? Yale, Yale, Yale, Yale to the highest mountain that no school should control The White House. Bush Sr.,(Bones) Bill Clinton, Bush Jr (Bones) . and Hillary Clinton. <<<<<< ----- Read more about Land Mine Treaty. Twenty-Eight (28) Years of These Two Families is Just TOO MUCH!

Princess Diana declared WAR against the Two largest Producers of Land Mines, The United States and Great Britain. Six months later she was killed. DON't STOP ASKING WHY ?



Al Gore's Bush Rat website click here to view Al Gore's Bush Rat website We told you so. Who is the Rat Now ?


President Bush sees no problem with paying Blackwater employees five times as much as our US Soldiers. A Blackwater employee gets $150,000 a year while a U.S. soldier gets around $30,000 year. Personally I would rather seee U.S. Soldiers get their fair share than Blackwater Employees. Bush Sees no problem with giving or rather loosing 9 billion in US cash to the Iraq government!

< ----- Since 1996 Adamson has been doing radio shows with Jeff Rense;and one with George Noory 2004,

Bancroft Family Sells Wall Street Journal to Avoid CIA Ties to JFK's Demise -See vol. VI of de Mohrenschildt Story - Mary Bancroft CIA agent and lover of CIA Director/Warren Commissioner, Allen Dulles. Bancroft's best friend Ruth Forbes Paine's son Michael is housing Marina and Lee Harvey Oswald in their home and find him a job. Ruth Forbes Paine is first cousin to Skull and Bones John Forbes Kerry, the Democrat (JFK-II). If you would like to pucchase Mary Bancroft's book Autobiography of a Spy, I have a few copies for $15.00.


Rush Limbaugh vs. Michael J. Fox

Limbaugh's father was friends with the founder of the CIA's Radio Liberty Program. William Henry Chamberlin is also quoted on the first page by CIA E. Howard Hunt in the Bay of Fiasco book Give US This Day. Could this be why the CIA has sponsored Rush Limbaugh's syndicated radio show? Chamberlin, a writer for THE WALL STREET JOURNAL was also instructing former CIA Director Allen Dulles and Warren Commisioner on how to run the Warren Commission. Chamberlin was close to the Mohrenschildt Family whom befriend Lee Harvey Oswald. One would need to read vol. 4 of the de Mohrenschildt by Adamson button to left. Click here for Letter.

President George W. Bush vs. Michael Schiavo

On March 21, 2005, President George W. Bush signed into a law to save the life of Thersa Marie Schiavo against the wishes of the U.S. Supreme Court and the wishes of Terry's husband Michael. How hypocritical are those individuals "Pro Lifer's" to say that Terry Schiavo must live and yet people like Michael J. Fox must die by refusing to give him the tools to stay alive. The Republican dominated Congress and Senate passed a Bill to grant Federal funding aid for stem cell research. George W. Bush gave his only veto on the matter of stem cell research, yet was to keep others ALIVE against their wishes. This President was a guest on Limbaugh's radio show just a couple of days after Limbaugh made fun of Michael J. Fox's Parkinson disease.


An interesting footnote is that Bruce Adamson and the Bush family are descended from Saint Margaret whose church in Washington D.C. on Connecticutt Avenue.

For more on Saint Margaret Click here.

Terri Hatcher's that get spanked by G.H.W. Bush such as Heidi Fleiss's madam Ms. L. Reed of Fort Lauderdale, Florida..Was Fleiss' operation a CIA operation? Photo to right is one of Heidi Fleiss' madams. The CIA uses Sex to compromise people who get in their way. Of course Bush Jr. is made to look bad and Valerie Plame-Wilson now looks pretty good. So does Donald Trump, Clooney should have taken a stance like Trump instead of rubbing elbows with Bush Sr.

Adamson's determination to solve the JFK Assassination case, "The Crime of the Past Century" led him to drive all over U.S.A. in Motorhome to get facts for JFK volumes. He used a Propane Bomb tank to keep truckers and other spooks off the tail of his truck. Big Green Propane Tank had "DANGER FLAMABLE." A good way to let truckers know that they would see HELL before I would. Adamson was in Chapel Hill, NC when the Oklahoma bombing went down. Adamson shows off generator which would run five hours on a gallon of gasoline to run computers.

For Letters on JFK Assassination from/to Bruce Adamson Click here.

"Cut and Run" Democrats are Running Away from Helping the Victims of Katrina while Bush spends $2,000,000,000 a week in Iraq! We can impeach Bill Clinton for lying about having sex with Monica Lewinski, When Bush lied and has ruin the lives of thousands of U.S. citizens the country does nothing. In October Bush Sr. appeared on the Larry King show and they boasted about his name being placed upon an aircraft carrier. Bush, as well as his daughter Doro Bush-Koch said he was going to Heaven. When did GOD allow members of the Skull and Bones Society into Heaven? Doro, Bush Sr. and Larry King all cried to gain sympathy for themselves and the current President.

Remember 911 Click----Chariots of Fire ----} here.

See How Planes Almost Crashed Click----} here.



Some do! Ku Klux Mexico -- The Very People Screaming Deportation are the Ones who refused to recognize that those Latinos are Putting Their Food on their table. Americans both White and Afro-American don't want to do the work. The same racists like Lou Dobbs of CNN say the Latino's are Breaking the Law. What about those Americans going on Vacation to Mexico's Resorts, have they not heard of Retaliation? Think about it The Republicans, want to arrest Illegal Immigrants and deport them leaving their children behind whom are U.S. citizens. Surely this is not right. There is no word but to say it is EVIL.

Photo to Right is Poncho Villa Adamson 1964. Photograph by Douglas Adamson.

What if the U.S. Government was exporting those in the Jewish Community? We would hear an out cry if the US Government was trying to export another race besides Latinos. The Jewish Community should speak up against both the Democrats and Republicans stance against Mexican-Americans deportation. For it is very similiar to Hitler's views during WWII. What if all whites had to leave the US ? Or blacks ?

One of the greatest Soilders of the U.S. Civil War, President U.S. Grant wrote in his Memoirs that when the U.S. took California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico that it was the worst abuse of a country with power. California has a law called Open and Notorious use, if someone uses property openly for more than five years they can declare an easement. Gee it seems to me that their culture has been crossing the border for years. Have to admit, Bush has taken the high road on this issue, against his own party, yet he is not following through. President Grant, truly a War President, would turn over in his grave had he witness the events George W. Bush caused in Iraq racial war.


Bush The War President

George W. Bush claims to be "The war President." He took this from another Republican President Abraham Lincoln. Believe me Bush is no Abe Lincoln. At least Abe was honest and his fight was the good one. The only thing I can find in common is that not since Sherman's marched from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia has there been so much damage as when Katrina hit. Sherman made his mark by declaring war on his opponent's citizen's. Bush has done the same thing in Iraq. Bush did not rush to the aide of a democratic governor of California during the energy crisis nor did he come to the aid quickly of the Democratic governor of Louisiana. Yet, he sure helps his brother out in Florida and his Dad? Well he has been running the government since day one. Bush Sr. said he would not get involved in his son's misfortunes and now he is doing just that with Bill Clinton. Things are looking great for employees of Lockheed Martin and other defense contractors. Martin's stock has risen 300 Percent since Bush took over as President. What gets me, is that Martin Employees, some of them go to Church telling themselves how righteous their life style are, while they are making a living out of the intention of killing and slaughtering other human beings.

Not all employees are like this. It is just the concept of Christians are now known as murderers. Not a good thing.

On September 20, 2006 Republican Senator blasts George W. Bush on his breaking the law by suspending The Writ of Habeas Corpus.

Bush had suspended The Writ of Habeas Corpus, when his actions goes against everything Attorney General, Edward Bates wrote in the opinion in 1861. Would you like to purchase a copy of Bate's and Lincoln's Opinion? There was no immediate threat from the country of Iraq. We did not have an open rebellion and the United States was not being invaded. Bush lied to the American public, caused or his agents caused the identity of a CIA agent to be revealed, because her husband was questioning "did Iraq have weapons of mass destruction?" In an effort to stop the investigation of "Did Iraq have weapons of mass destruction," his administration it appears has lied to the American public on this leak costing and ruining the lifes through death or injury of more than 100,000 people counting those in Iraq. If this is what you call Christian values, then God help US. Edward Bates said no man should have the right to suspend The Writ of Habeas Corpus and it would be a great injustice unless this country is being invaded or there is an open rebellion.

Click here for more on "The Great Writ" of Habeas Corpus.


Adamson wrote to former President George H.W. Bush in 1993 on de Mohrenschildt. Adamson's letter click on two page letter. Click here for Adamson's letter to George Bush about ties to de Mohrenschildt.

Click here for page two of Adamson's letter to former President Bush.

George H.W. Bush's response

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