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More Genealogy Research - The Barrymore, Costello & Drew website

The Barrymore family has long fascinated me, and I decided to do some genealogical research on them as well. I decided to make my research available to others who are interested, and had a website made for that purpose. Would you like to advertise on this website?

As I was working, the project expanded to encompass the Drew, Blyth, Costello and Lane families as well - all of them actors!

The results of my research can to be found Barrymore website click here.

Please note that this website was designed some 15 years ago and I can no longer open and correct the missing links or typeo's. I need to get the older files that work with PAGEMILL and the newer systems don't.

Thanks for coming and your patience!

Saint Francis Assisi is the man and saint whom the City of San Francisco was named after. The photograph below is dated 1917 of John Barrymore as Saint Francis Assisi. This photograph was taken ten years before motion pictures developed sound and an eleven years after the earthquake.



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