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Irene Boyd Barrett


Stephen Lyons was also a co-founding member of the Ireland-American Society, Irene Kennedy, Barbara Collins, and Ken Smith. Producer Ivan Goff collects OSCAR for man who could not.

Since the Adamson family grew up without a mother we had many housekeepers, but only one was like a mother to us and that was Irene. When Irene passed away in 2004 a few months before John Barrymore, II, I was in Vancouver, WA. I had two days notice to get to her funneral at St. Monica's Church in Santa Monica. It was a holiday weekend. I was debating if I could make it for I was off to Seattle, WA. Yet, after almost getting into two accidents I said to myself, I have to make it. I drove 24 hours to the Grapevine and on a Full Moon made it in the early morning to be a pallbearer for Irene. I miss her so much.

Irene worked for Jim Hutton in Malibu circa 1964 and later after she left working for our family. Jim Hutton was quoted in "[1964]: My one ambition has nothing to do with acting. I hope to establish a kennel near the ocean and raise prize Silver German Shepherd dogs. You see, I'm used to having a house to myself and can't adjust to apartment dwelling and the closeness of well-meaning neighbours. Everyone worries about a man living alone. When I return from work I find pies, cakes and pots of spaghetti cooked by those who are convinced I'll starve to death." Irene loved to cook. It sounds as if Jim was speaking of Irene. I remember in 1966 when she came to work for US that we picked her up at the Malibu Beach home.

We all felt that the song "Goodnight Irene" must have been written for Irene. Since our mother died in 1959, at the Adamson residence all of the kids considered Irene our adopted mother when she came to work for us in 1967 shortly before RFK's assassination. To right is a letter from President Clinton to Irene on her 80th Birthday, and 10 years latter Irene gave me a pen with the White House emblem on it and signed by Bill Clinton to Irene. "With My Best Wishes."

It seems strange 15 years earlier (circa 1964-65) my father Douglas Adamson and I went to pick up Irene Kennedy as our housekeeper at the Mailbu Colony. Tim Hutton was just a young boy and Irene was leaving Jim Hutton to work for the Adamson Family. Irene was offered a job at Cary Grant's house and instead wanted to work with Doug Adamson and his four kids. http://images/irene-20b.jpg. Seven years earlier Grant acted in An Affair To Remember where Harold Adamson received his last Oscar nomination. Afterwards around 1968-69, I remember meeting Jim Hutton on several occasions at his home on Summit Dr. Beverly Hills where he lived, with two huge Great Danes.

Ivan Goff, with his grandson Matthew, years later at his Malibu residence. Thanks to Ivan's niece Katherine, I was able to make the correction that Matthew is the son of Kevin.

In the early 1960s Irene worked for Ivan Goff the producer of the television series Mission Impossible. Adamson has taken on the "impossible mission" of trying to solve the JFK assassination...

In 1962 Irene worked at Goff's on the beautiful Santa Monica beach which was right next door to JFK's in-law, actor Peter Lawford. She remembers that JFK use to land his helicopter when visiting Lawford's at the beach.

In the early 1960s Irene worked for Goff who was the creator of Charlie Angeles.

In 1962 Irene worked at Santa Monica beach which was right next door to JFK's in-law, actor Peter Lawford. She remembers that JFK use to land his helicopter when visiting Lawford's at the beach.

This was not the first time Irene Kennedy and President Kennedy's paths had crossed. In January 1961 prior to the inauguration of Kennedy The Washington Star reported that Irene's sister Patsy Kennedy:

"One of the most loyal volunteers by the name of Patricia Kennedy is no relation of JFK. She is not even a citizen of the United States of America. Attractive Miss Kennedy, who is social secretary at the Pakistan [Ally Kahn] Embassy, hails from Dublin. Not only is she enthusiastic about things Irish and American, but her sister [Irene] is Secretary of Dublin's Irish-American Society."

Irene was not only Secretary she was one of the founders of the Irish-American Society.

Another Irish newspaper reported:

"Woman Who Won Votes for Him [JFK] In Ireland."

Irene, 15 Longford Terrace, Monkstown, who campaigned in Ireland for the new U.S. President, today sent him a telegram of congratulations.

The letter from then candidate John F. Kennedy

Irene was honorary. secretary of the Irish-American Society. "Four years ago (in 1957) she represented the Society in America. While there she met Senator Kennedy:

Last June she received a letter from him stating: "You would be a great help in our campaign for President. If you are coming to America this summer we will be delighted to have you in our camp."Click Here Ireen Inauguration Committee /Irene Document..

Irene was unable to make the journey but she started campaigning at this end. Through the Society she contacted all Americans visiting Ireland, and asked them to vote for Kennedy. She sent the same message to 30 relations of hers in Boston. Her maiden name was Kennedy and her family came from Loughrea, Co. Galway while President Kennedy's great-grandfather Patrick Kennedy had immigrated from Dunganstown, New Ross.