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There is a New Sheriff in Town --- Bruce Adamson did work with West Palm Beach Sheriff's Office to uncover the CIA's role in JFK's demise on November 22, 1963. Adamson had the assistance of a Deputy Prosecutor Colonel Andrew Amerson, who won a U.S. Supreme Court Death Penalty case US vs. Lawrence Bittaker. If you were the parents of the daughters who were murdered would you want justice? Stephen Kay of Charles Manson prosecution said the crimes by L. Bittaker "were the worst in California history." During the trial and having to listen to the audio tapes of the crime, my aunt told me that "everyone in the court room were in tears."


Evidence in support of the Prosecution. Not to Alix Tichelman.







MEDIA --- don't upset applecart - They don't tell the public the entire story/so we don't know if there is a story.

Bart TICHELMAN has worked with International, Candian, California & US governments

In Camera look at the Crime Scene --------} CBS should have mentioned Alix's fathers ties to internet companies and to US Government so if anyone else knew something they could have disclosed unknown facts.

Could ALIX TICHELMAN have been working for her DAD, whose Company worked for the United States and California Governments? Click on link below to read more. Alix either, directly or indirectlly killed two people and ONLY faced manslaughter charges. Forest Hayes is not here to speak for himself and there is no sound to the video recordings. Law enforcement agency employee told me "that Hayes was not liked...." A Harbormaster employee

Forest Hayes met his end on the 50th Anniversary of JFK's assassination 11-22-23-2013. An Accident?

Alix Tichelman's previous boyfriend Warren Ulom killed someone and her future husband is DEAD..

The Alix Tichelman case, Father "Bart" was President and CEO of company which worked for U.S. and California governments. As his daughter is fleeing to Bart's home in Fresno, he resigned. Bart Tichelman's company may have been competitors of GOOGLE. Did Bart Tichelman aa have run in with Forest Hayes? Seems to be the unanswered question! Click on link to to read more on BART, not Simpson but Bart Tichelman. Working for the CIA or MI6? Click to read about Bart's Intelligence Career!

Is SHE a CIA agent or a British MI6 AGENT ? Since she has dual citizenship in Canada and US. Canadian's fall under THE BRITISH ROYAL CROWN,. Her other boyfriend is in jail for 20 years for the same offense administrating an over dose, and he called an ambulance! Warren Ullom ----- Alix got off easy will NOT be held in her financee death in Atlanta, GA. Click to read about Warren!

THREE DEATHS, that we know of, Alix-Heroin (all dealt with Heroin) and her dad worked for U.S. and International governments. CBS did not think it was worthy of telling the American public in their TV hour long 48 Hours TV show. So others and myself have put it up, to look at her father/government to see if it will stick. Not a word on 48 Hours on Warren Ulom or that he sold to a pawn shop her jewelry! Instead 48 Hours interviewed individuals who were saying how great Alix was! Wishy Washy.

If it is merely HEROIN, then it shows the real dangers of the drug.; She sure looks much better sober. Because the visits were more than once,it is more likely that Heroin was involved. The TV hour long show 48 Hours, should have focused on her father, in case there is some unkown information out there?

Let us not forget that Google executives for some reason were frequent visitors at the WHITE HOUSE.

A British MI6 AGENT ? Since she has dual citizenship in Canada and US. Canadian's fall under THE BRITISH ROYAL CROWN,. Her other boyfriend is in jail for 20 years for same offense administrating an over dose, and he called an ambulance! Warren Ullom ----- Alix got off easy 8 years - will do three, and she will NOT be held in her financee death in Atlanta, GA.


If it is merely HEROIN, then it shows the real dangers of the drug.

Click to watch you tube video of Rachel San Inocencio's life -- Alix's boyfriend ended the life of Rachel with a drug over dose. Once a beautiful person, lost her life due to Alix's friend Warren Ullom.

See more on Bart Tichelman corporations which have ties to the United States government! Google's top executives have visited the Obama WHITE HOUSE recently. Bart Tichelman's company may have been in competition with GOOGLE Most suspects get a single public defender, Alix has THREE! Who is paying for this?


Click to read Court Documents and links to BART TICHELMAN CEO-President of SYNAPSENSE.COM

A THIRD man emerges from Tichelman's past as ex-boyfriend, Warren Ullom, serving time for killing a 32-year-old woman with lethal dose of heroin

On May 18, 2015 Alix Ticchelman plead guilty and was sentenced to six years -- 3 years for good behavior ----dad will not face an in-camera investigation -- will she face trial in Atlanta, GA? Or with Dad help she has gotten off fairly easy. If a male had killed someone, as she did they would face ten to twenty years. This is discrimination.






48 HOURS by copying and pasting link:



-- Wm. S. Paley was uncle-by-marriage to Chuck Barris (CIA assassin Gong Show host)

WHEN CBS produced their hour long show 48 Hours on on Alix Tichelman they failed to disclose one word on her father Bart Tichelman. Why? Since the 1950s CBS owner William S. Paley admitted having a working relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency. Paley who owned CBS employed CIA-assassin and agent Geroge de Mohrenschildt who wrote in his biography "I am the biggest assassin in the Western Hemisphere."

What is really needed is an in-camera investigation of Bart Tichelman to see if Forest Hayes knew each other.

HARBORMASTER told me that Forest Hayes had troubles at Harbor in past. Could he have had problem with Bart Tichelman since both dealt with internet companies?

Possible MOTIVES :

1). Google upseted Bart Tichelman's internet companies?;

2). JFK assassination 50th anniversary generated much publicity; strange coincidence that they both happened on November 22, 1963 and 2013.

4). U.S. government wanted F. Hayes out of the way?

5). Did Forest Hayes have had run in with Bart? I think the TV series should have mentioned the name, for then someone could have come forward if it was known. Otherwise there is nothing to suggest he had.

OR it may very well have been the HEROIN -- yet why cover up Bart Tichelman's assassocation to U.S. government when victim is paying you so much money, unless someone could be paying more? When Alix was arrested, she was on her way to her fathers' house in Fresno.



OR COPY and paste:


FOR MORE ON Bart's former company SYNAPSENSE.com click here.

Companies Bart Tichelman worked for are as follows (MI6-or CIA ?:


American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

California Energy Commission

California Public Utilities Commission

International Faclitity Management Association (FMA)

The Green Grid

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC)

Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG)

U.S. Department of Energy (DCE)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

One thing is certain and that is Bart was guilty of loving the almighty dollar and gamiling. What about his two daughters, did Alix get lost in the process?


















































48 HOURS GIVES US 60 MINUTES (CBS) and TELLS NOTHING about "BART." THE MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR POKER PLAYER and INTERNATIONAL GOVERMENT AGENT -- CBS Owner Wm. S. Paley admitted allowing CIA agents to pose as CBS reporters. Paley's secretary John Minary admitted employing CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt. Paley was the uncle-by-marriage of the late Chuck Barris who claimed to be a CIA assassin in the film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.