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1). April 11,1994, second Michael Award ceremony signed twice by Oleg Cassini and once by Steve Shor, President of the Children's Leukemia Foundation. Awards were in honor of Raymond Burr, aka. Perry Mason. An internet search for Cassini is in order. He created the "Jackie Look" in designing her clothes. His brother worked for Hearst Corp. and lived next door to de Mohrenschildt's in-laws The McAdoo's. See Last photo above.

2). A live signature from Pascal who was Jackie Kennedy's hairdresser and is credited as creating the Jackie Look. A photocopy of Pascal's clients which included Janet Lee Bouvier aka. Mrs. Hugh D. Auchincloss. Pascal said he was suppose to do Janet Lee Bouvier's hair a few days before Nov. 22,1963, but she was too upset and would not let him in.

3). A PERS, Georgetown receipt where Pascal worked on Jackie's hair during the Kennedy White House.

4). Profiles in Courage signed by Caroline Kennedy book has dust jacket. Comes with COA.

Oswald's closest friend CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt taught Jackie how to ride horses in 1938 and he dated or saw Janet Lee Bouvier on a daily basis at the same time. Oleg's sister-in-law Charlene Wrightsman committed suicide in NYC on April 5, 1963 because of RFK's prosecution against his brother Igor Cassini. Whose residence was at 500 Park Avenue while de Mohrenschildt's relatives were at 480 Park Avenue the McAdoo's'. Jackie Kennedy purchased her Pink Chanel suit from Nona McAdoo's clothing store before going to Dallas. Igor was a writer for Wm. Randolph Hearst as the aka Cholly Knickerbocker. Wm. R. Hearst, Jr.'s wife, "Bootsie" married Igor prior to his marriage of Charlene Wrightsman. See my auction for Lee Radizwill's letter for how Jackie's grandpa and Joan Crawford are connected to each other and the events of JFK's demise. Photograph PRINT of de Mohrenschildt and third wife Dr. Wynne Sharples comes with sale. Given to seller by George de Mohrenschildt's brother Dimitri during the 1990s.

5). John F. Kennedy, original, first generation, 5 x 5" vintage, glossy, double-weight photograph by Cecil Stoughton.

Cecil William Stoughton (January 18, 1920 ­ November 3, 2008) was an American photographer best known for being President John F. Kennedy's photographer during his White House years. Stoughton was present at the motorcade at which Kennedy was assassinated and subsequently took the only photograph on board Air Force One of Lyndon B. Johnson being sworn in as the next President.

Photograph is in fine vintage condition. Includes Stoughton archive file markings on verso. John F. Kennedy with Caroline Kennedy & Maria Shriver in Halloween Masks

Provenance: From the estate of Cecil Stoughton



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