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It seems to me that Doris Kearns Goodwin does not want to talk about Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson's possible role in the JFK assassination. Over the years one may have heard of Goodwin's praise of LBJ's passage of the Civil Rights bill. What would Abraham Lincoln think of a person who may have gone out of their way to cover-up the future assassination of another USA President ?


THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL - where is Doris Kearns Goodwin ?

Wikipedia has a LOCK on Steven Speilberg's biography -- I suppose it must be gratifying to know you have an Open Checkbook. Speilberg produced an excellent film, but there is a skeleton.

-- De Mille was a pal of George de Mohrenschildt's and in charge of the CIA's film propaganda during 1950s and died before JFK's assassination.





Did Doris Kearns Goodwin have an affair with LBJ? At bottom of page is a link that was discovered after this report was put together. This redeems my faith in humanity and I now feel that it explains Goodwin's behavior. Adamson quotes from Sally Quinn's article from The Washington Post at the bottom which will explain why Goodwin did not want to expose LBJ's ties to Lee Harvey Oswalds friend prior to the assassination of President Kennedy. Keep in mind that Senator LYNDON JOHNSON worked with Prescottt Bush across the aisle. This may explain why Prescott Bush's banking firm Brown Brothers and Harriman gave de Mohrenschildt a $300,000 line of credit shortly after the letters mentioned below in May-June, 1963.

Does the Evidence Convict President LBJ Posthumously ?


Lee Harvey Oswald was convicted, IN PART, of Killing JFK because on April 10, 1963 - he took a pot-shot at Major General Walker. At the same time, Oswald is hanging out with de Mohrenschildt. A week later, de Mohrenschildt is writing to LBJ. A day later he is receiving a letter from LBJ. Then meeting the Vice-President April 26, 1963 and again in May ----Twice !!! LBJ's Warren Report said "George de Mohrenschildt was Oswald's closest friend, prior to the JFK Assassination." That is why De Mohrenschildt made dying declarations for six-months before, "That Oswald did not kill JFK, and was set-up."

Shortly afterward de Mohrenschildt was corresponding to CIA Director George H.W. Bush. De Mohrenschildt was then given nine shock treatments which led him to placed a Shot-Gun into his mouth and pulled the trigger -- Finally he had cleared his conscience. Doris Kearns wrote the Biography for Lyndon Baines Johnson while living on his ranch. LYNDON became the Civil Right President.





The same tune is echoed in the book Team of Rivals and/or the film LINCOLN. A great movie. I enjoyed the story in Lincoln and everything about the film, except the rubberized make-up. To me this looked phoney. Looking at the story the 13th ammendment in 1865 was short, but great in the film. But ignoring Lincoln's wishes to keep slavery intact, and ignoring issues of substance. One has to agree that Lincoln in the end, did the right thing. My interests in the Civil War are from a genealogist point of view. My mothers family was well connected to Edward Bates and her grand-uncles were in charge of more than 150,000 Northern Union troops. I did not spend 27 years of my life so I could write about women worth millions.

Doris Kearns Goodwin is an expert on Presidential history. Often in the past I have heard Doris Goodwin praise Lyndon Baines Johnson. In 1992 I learned that Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend had written to Vice President Johnson. I thought to myself, well surely Mrs. Goodwin would be interested in explaining this piece of history. She was not. There are three letters that I publish in 1996 and received the wrath from the LBJ Presidential library for doing so. The LBJ Library stands behind Doris -- should we ?

Well Doris Goodwin who may be an expert on Lincoln, does not want to touch on the subject of "LYNDON" a book that she published in 1976 and spoke on for many years to come and will be called upon to speak this year, the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's demise.

I have stopped by the local library and there are 27 requests to read her book on LINCOLN. I have stopped at the book store and was quite impress with the details. She mentioned my 4th great grandfather RUFUS EASTON on two pages in her book Team of Rivals, and covered Easton's protege Edward Bates (Lincoln's Attorney General) throughout the book. Doris Kearns moved on to LBJ's ranch because he had promised her men millionaires every day to write stories on.

As a genealogist the two books on my mothers family 1). The Life and Times of Captain George W. Ely and 2). For Which We Stand; The Life and Papers of Rufus Easton and I surely did not spend this time for the love of money. I have spent 20 years researching the life of CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt and his ties to the rich, famous, Lyndon Baines Johnson, George H.W. Bush and Lee Harvey Oswald. I have made half of my investment back, without a publisher. I did not make a profit off the unfortunate and tragic outcome of President Kennedy death in Dallas. I have learned that people do not care for those who try to profit off the misfortune of others. Mrs. Goodwin has a publisher and an army of experts to make sure everything is perfect. Just so you know everything IS NOT PERFECT. As a Presidential historian, one thing is certain Doris Kearns Goodwin has kept LYNDON Baines Johnson's reputation from being held accountable in the assassination of President Kennedy that even that rubberized make-up can not cover-up.

Doris Kearns Goodwin obviously has a long standing relationship with the LBJ Library at the University of Texas in Austin. This library told Adamson "to get screwed" after he published the letters between George de Mohrenschildt and LBJ. When I pointed out to the Librarian at the LBJ library "Did you know Vice-President Johnson was writing to Lee Harvey Oswald's best friend months before the assassination of Kennedy," I felt I was lucky to get out of the library alive.


Maybe someone else can get an answer from Mrs. Goodwin:

1). Why was Vice-President Lyndon Johnson writing to George de Mohrenschildt seven months before JFK's assassination on April 18, 1863?

2). Why was LBJ meeting with De Mohrenschildt on April 26, 1963 and again in May of 1963 ?

3). Why was Vice President Johnson receiving letters from de Mohrenschildt on April 17, 1963 --and responding the day after when there was NO EXPRESS MAIL ?

It was Lyndon Baines Johnson's Warren Commission Report which stated that George de Mohrenschildt was Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend prior to Kennedy's assassination.

Bruce Adamson's letter to Goodwin thirteen years ago and her "Brush Off."

We are in demand of a Presidential Historian !

Again - you can not put rubberized make-up on de Mohrenschildt - this is real history. Adamson had worked with the West Palm Beach Sheriff's since 1992. Doris may suggest we give de Mohrenschildt a band-aide or write "Thank you for writing me...." If de Mohrenschildt's shock treatments were CIA sponsored then it was MURDER and not suicide. De Mohrenschildt's dying declaration went unheard. Excluding Michael and Ruth Paine no one gave more testimony to The Warren Commission Report than the De Mohrenschildt's.

The shot that was not heard around the world. Yet Bill O'Really, I mean O'Reilly wrote in Killing Kennedy page 300 that he heard the gun shot. The Palm Beach Sheriff's interviewed everyone at the house hold and no one heard the shot. Adamson played the audio tape on Coast to Coast 2004 and it was a silent shot, unlike JFK's.



DECEMBER 12, 2000


Dear Mrs. Goodwin:

I have been seeing you quite a bit on the NBC news circuit as an expert on Presidents. I have learned from your appearances.

You often speak about Lyndon Baines Johnson and his Presidency. I have been working as a genealogist since 1983 and on the JFK assassination since 1992.

I wanted to get your opinion or reasoning on why Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson was meeting with Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend seven months before President Kennedy's assassination. Have you ever heard of George de Mohrenschildt? He was a CIA agent, White Russian, geologist, friends of the rich, famous and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Enclosed you will find letters from de Mohrenschildt to President Kennedy at the very point in time de Mohrenschildt is hanging out with Oswald. Also to LBJ and vice-versa.

You also seemed to be an expert on early American History and I thought you might like to know a little more about Rufus Easton.

Hope that might learn a little on people and events that you have not particularly studied.

Let me thank you for your time and interest.

Respectfully yours,

Bruce Campbell Adamson









I suppose I can obtain a copy of Team of Rivals and attach this letter from Doris Goodwin and sell it on Ebay for a PROFIT. Is this the truth? What would Abraham Lincoln think of a person who goes out of their way to cover up the assassination of a U.S. President ?

Doris Kearns was quote in Sally Quinn's Washington Post Article : A Tale of Hearts and Minds, August 24, 1975 :

"that the essence of their relationship was that LBJ was in love with her, that he "pressed me very hard sexually the first year," that he courted her aggressively, that he asked her to marry him that he was jealous of other men in her life.

"She eventually became close to Johnson...LBJ decided not to run again he asked Doris to come back to the White House and then to come work for him at the [LBJ] rancch. He promised her a teaching job...a little cabin on the lake to think in, and, "Men?" Johnson asked, moving his chair closer. "No problem, I'll invite a millionaire to the ranch every weekend, and I'll buy you pretty clothes...and give you a fabulous salary so you can look beautiful all the time. And I'll take you on trips with me--to Russia where you've always wanted to go...Now, what girl in her right mind would't come and work with the President of the United States under these conditionos?"

"Kearns rejected him....I suddenly saw myself wearing an LBJ outfit, sitting by the LBJ lake, making conversations with an LBJ millionaire. Nothing would be mine...agreed [finally] to work for Johnson part-time on his memoirs."

At a White House party, Kearns recalls "The President had asked her to dance. He walked up to me and began to talk, standing so closeo that his stomach almost touched my chest...there was no hint of any sexual intention, but it was a violation nonetheless."

Doris Kearns comments appeared in Parade magazine that Kearns says "made Lady Bird...was quite upset by that."

Doris goes on it was near the end of his life at the ranch, Kearns says "that they developed a curious ritual where she would rise at 5 a.m. and dress, then wait for the President, who would knock on her bedroom door at 5:30, dressed in his pajamas and robe." Kearns tells Quin: "As I sat in a chair by the window, he climbed into the bed, pullilng the sheets up to his neck looking like a cold frightened child..." speaking of his dreans, nightmares and fantasies."

Surely those NIGHTMARES must have included the discovery of George de Mohrenschildt.


Note from Robert Morrow JFK, historian-:

Lyndon Johnson had a great way of degrading people and making them do things they would not ordinarily do.

The odds are very high that Doris Kearns was having an affair/relationship with LBJ. She has admitted that he pressured her hard for sex the first year they met (1968? I believe). And that he used to crawl into her bed and talk with her at the LBJ Ranch. And the LBJ asked her to marry him.

I think Doris feels guilty and out of respect for the Johnson family she holds her punches on LBJ and like Robert Caro and Robert Dallek, she refuses to entertain the overwhelming likelihood that Lyndon Johnson was involved in the JFK assassination. Not to mention the many other crimes he committed (the attack on the USS Liberty 6/8/67).

LBJ in his retirement was a depressed, unhappy and bitter man. I doubt he came to terms with the horror of his life.

I have bought the books & research of Bruce Campbell Adamson and I find it to be very high quality JFK research.


Robert Morrow


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