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For sale three autographs from the longest serving Postmaster General Gideon Granger;

For sale three autographs from the longest serving Postmaster General Gideon Granger; who talked my great grandfather on mom's side out of a duel with Aaron Burr. See article above dated Oct. 9, 2004 in the Alton, Telegram. Rufus Easton founded Alton in 1818 and named it after his first son.

1). A 1793, CT Treasury ticket with Granger's signature.

2). A first day cover, free franking from New Haven, CT.

3). A letter to George Todd, Esq. Youngstown, Trumbull County, Ohio, "Always your friend."

4). Also a biography Gideon Granger, signed copy by Arthur S. Hamlin, 1982, from the Granger Homestead. See Photograph. Noted for his book Copyrighted Cases.

In 1982 seller began working on book on Rufus Easton. in 1806 the first postmaster of St. Louis and Granger convinced Easton not to enter duel with Burr. Two years earlier he shot Alexander Hamilton the founder of the US Treasury. A photocopy of the letter Granger wrote to Easton comes with sale.

Since 1982 seller has worked on biography For Which We Stand; The Life and Papers of Rufus Easton which may be read at website same as seller Ebay ID. Seller also produced 2 hour video The Spirit of Alton; Before, During and After the Civil War, shown in New York City and Brooklyn Public Access TV, through the assistance of the late Linda Greco at B-CAT.

Easton had no idea in 1806 that the future President of the United States Abraham Lincoln would also arrange for a duel in 1842 on the very island Bloody Island, that Vice President Burr and himself were to have fought. I would not be here today had Easton took part with a Burr duel.

Lincoln's duel went south and he became friends with James Shields, that duel was caused by Mary Todd, and it was her relatives by-marriage Cyrus Edwards that caused the death of Elijah Parish Lovejoy, murdered in Alton, Illinois in 1837 while Lincoln was just entering politics. Alton Easton the person raised 55,000 Missouri Militia members that remained loyal to the Union. His brother Langdon was Chief Quartermaster of Sherman's 100,000 man army. Langdon Easton used the railroads to feed the soldiers and animals. He also could moved the troops to battles like Nashville, TN. Alton and Langdon's cousin married Major-General Andrew Jackson Smith, who defeated Nathan Bedford Forrest.



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