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"I WOULD GO TO WAR FOR MY DAD." GEORGE W. Bush -2000--Debates Al Gore

Special Counsel Scott Bloch appinted by George W. Bush is trying to eliminate the rights of whistleblowers rights. The OSC is suppose to protect Federal Whistleblowers.

Re: James Sterngold's article in San Francisco Chronicle p. A-13

To Whom It May Concern:

Why does George W. Bush want to bring Robert Gates as the Secretary of Defense so fast? Is it to get his nomination through the Republican dominated Senate?

Since 1992 I have taken an interested in the JFK Assassination and have devoted 14 years and over 200,000 dollars as a Federal Whistleblower to bring out the truth. Mr. Leon Panetta who praised Gates in James Sterngold's article has also supported my research in 1992-93 as a Congressman for Monterey Bay in which I suggested that George H.W. Bush was involved as was Vice-President Lyndon Baines Johnson in the assassination of President Kennedy. Today Panetta surrounds himself around CIA agencies in the Monterey Bay such as the Defense Language Institute. Was it the CIA who granted him his own Institute and is this why he sits on committees with CIA Directors ? Once a CIA agent or Director always an agent.

Panetta knew this and is presently working with Gates, who worked with Lyndon Johnson during the 1960s. I have letters from Lyndon Baines Johnson writing to and receiving letters from CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt (Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend) seven months before Kennedy's death. Mr. Panetta has seen these letters as well as the one in which Mr. George H.W. Bush admits knowing Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend since 1942. How can Panetta denounce Bush Sr. in 1992 and then do an about face, to praise Bush Sr.'s CIA director 1991-92 ? It was our current President's grandfather Prescott Bush's banking firm Brown Brothers & Harriman who approved a $300,000 line of credit to Oswald's closest friend, de Mohrenschildt (a CIA agent) six months before the assassination. Prescott Bush and Lyndon Baines Johnson were working together across the aisle from each other in the Senate, when, like Nancy Pelosi was the Senate Majority Leader for the Senate. The Democrats nor the Republicans do not want to touch on the subject of their involvement in Kennedy's assassination.

(Author's note: Lyndon Johnson's son-in-law sat on the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Report Committee in 2006.

Our current President has childish, temper tantrums since he became President a person who has always gotten his own way. Now that he has lost both the Congressional House and the Senate he is willing to listen to others. Bush is trying to push through Gates before the Democrats take the Senate and are complaisant because of their so called victories. Remember, another one of numerous employees that Bush Senior has referred to help run his son's Presidency.

There is no statute of limitations on murder, the murderering of a President or any involvement in the cover up. This is the only reason that the Bush family has warmed up to the California Governor Arnold Schwarznegger. Surely a Kennedy in-law would not support a person whose father was involved in the murder of Arnold's uncle-by-marriage, President John Fitzegerald Kennedy. CHECK MATE!


Bruce Campbell Adamson