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William Bakewell - CoFounder of Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

Birth  May 2, 1908 - Hollywood, CA
Death  Apr 15, 1993 - California

William Bakewell began playing film juveniles at the age of 17. Bakewell enjoyed a flurry of activity in the early talkie era, with substantial roles in such major films as All Quiet on the Western Front (1930). By the end of the 1930s, his career had by-and-large diminished to minor roles, such as the chivalrous mounted officer in the evacuation scenes in Gone With the Wind (1939). During the next decade, Bakewell fluctuated between one-scene bits and stuffed-shirt character parts, notably James Stewart's rival for the affections of Lana Turner in You Gotta Stay Happy (1948). The baby-boomer generation will always remember Bakewell as Tobias Norton in Disney's ratings-grabbing Davy Crockett episodes of the 1950s; he also played the condescending stage manager on the prime-time version of The Pinky Lee Show (1950). William Bakewell spent most of the last half of his life as a successful California Realtor with Douglas Adamson & Jack Hupp. - Hal Erickson


1975 The Strongest Man in the World
 1970 Green Acres: Enterprising Eb [TV]
     aka Green Acres: Episode 153  
 1968 Bonanza: Trouble Town [TV]
     aka Bonanza: Episode 293 (Episode Number title)  
 1967 Bonanza: The Greedy Ones [TV]
     aka Bonanza: Episode 269 (Episode Number title)  
 1965 The Beverly Hillbillies: A Real Nice Neighbor [TV]
     aka The Beverly Hillbillies: Episode 115 (Episode Number title)  
 1955 Disneyland: Davy Crockett Goes to Congress [TV]
     aka Disneyland: Episode 013 (Episode Number title)
 1955 Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier
 1954 Lucky Me  
 1954 Disneyland: Davy Crockett--Indian Fighter [TV]
     aka Disneyland: Episode 008 (Episode Number title)
 1952 Retik, the Moon Menace  
 1952 Radar Men from the Moon [Serial]
 1952 Room for One More
     aka The Easy Way  
 1951 When the Redskins Rode  
 1951 Wells Fargo Gunmaster  
 1951 Come Fill the Cup  
 1950 The Capture
 1950 Messenger of Peace  
 1948 Romance on the High Seas  
 1948 Arthur Takes Over  
 1948 You Gotta Stay Happy  
 1948 King of the Bandits
 1948 So This Is New York  
 1947 The Farmer's Daughter  
 1947 The Fabulous Dorseys
 1947 The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer
    aka Bachelor Knight
 1947 The Trespasser  
 1943 Submarine Alert
 1943 Yanks Ahoy  
 1942 I Live on Danger  
 1942 Nazi Spy Ring  
 1942 The Postman Didn't Ring  
 1942 The Dawn Express  
 1941 Dr. Kildare's Victory
     aka The Doctor and the Debutante  
 1940 Seven Sinners
     aka Cafe of the Seven Sinners  
 1940 Beyond Tomorrow
 1939 Gone With the Wind
 1939 King of the Turf  
 1939 Hotel Imperial  
 1938 The Higgins Family  
 1938 The Duke of West Point  
 1937 Exiled to Shanghai
 1937 Dangerous Holiday  
1937 Crime Afloat  
 1937 Quality Street  
 1937 Roaring Speedboats
     aka Mile a Minute Love  
 1936 The Sea Spoilers  
    1936 Lady Luck  
    1935 Together We Live  
    1935 On Probation  
    1935 The Curtain Falls  
    1935 Happiness C.O.D.  
    1935 Laddie  
    1935 Strangers All  
    1935 Sons of Steel  
    1934 The Quitters  
    1934 Speed Wings  
    1934 Straight is the Way  
    1934 Straightaway  
    1934 You Can't Buy Everything  
    1934 The Party's Over  
    1934 Manhattan Butterfly  
  1934 Green Eyes
    1934 Crimson Romance  
    1933 Lucky Devils  
    1933 A Man of Sentiment  
    1933 Three-Cornered Moon  
    1932 Cheaters at Play  
    1932 While Paris Sleeps  
    1932 Back Street  
    1931 Daybreak  
    1931 A Woman of Experience  
    1931 Dance Fools Dance
    1931 Politics  
    1931 Guilty Hands  
    1931 The Spirit of Notre Dame  
    1931 Reducing  
    1930 Paid
     aka Within the Law  
    1930 Only the Brave  
    1930 Playing Around  
  1930 The Bat Whispers
  1930 All Quiet on the Western Front
     aka All's Quiet on Western Front
    1930 Lummox  
    1929 Gold Diggers of Broadway  
    1929 Hot Stuff  
    1929 On with the Show  
    1929 Lady of the Pavements  
  1929 The Iron Mask
      1928 Annapolis  
      1928 Devil's Trademark  
    1928 Harold Teen  
  1928 The Battle of the Sexes
    1928 West Point  
    1928 The Latest from Paris  
    1927 The Shield of Honor  
      1927 Mother  
    1926 Old Ironsides
     aka Sons of the Sea  
    1925 The Last Edition