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September 8, 2023 - ADAMSON PRESS RELEASE on 60th Anniversary of the death of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Henry Kissinger should also include his family ties to the family of Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt. Why is he represented de Mohrenschildt before the John F. Kennedy assassination. Extremely close to Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt and his partner. Documents added on Nov. 30, 2023.

Wm. Bundy to Henry Kissinger in 1961 written on JFK's birthday May 29.

Kissinger to de Mohrenschildt telegram March 1974.

Kissinger to de Mohrenschildt telegram 1974.

Photograph of First Family at C. Michael Paul's estate in Palm Beach Florida

I, Bruce Campbell Adamson, have studied the assassination of JFK since 1992, writing and speaking on radio shows for the past 31 years. In 1992 the West Palm Beach Sheriffs office supplied me with photocopies of all of de Mohrenschildt's personal papers and medical file. Adamson vs. DOJ in a FOIA case San Jose, CA, on more than 2700 pages of de Mohrenschildt's FBI file dating back to 1941. Note Adamson is related to George Sidney Camp author of first book in USA on Democracy in 1841 and authored in 1988 the Life and Times Captain George W. Ely b. 1840, who was the nephew of George Sidney Camp.

My research was supported in 1992-93 by Congressman Leon Panetta before Leon went on to work at President Bill Clinton's White House; West Palm Beach Sheriff Department; Colonel Andrew Amerson (JAG) and Colonel Fletcher Prouty in the mid 1990s.

George de Mohrenschildt's aunt-by-marriage Nona McAdoo sold Jackie her pink Chanel Suit which she wore to Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. See label to left or de Mohrenschildt and his fourth wife Jeanne Le Gon-de Mohrenschildt who worked with Abraham Zapruder at a Dallas clothing store in 1953. Jackie's personal secretary in 1994 told me that Jackie had knowingly that George's aunt sold her clothes in the past and Jackie knew this to be the case. Photo of Jackie and Jack are in C. Michael Paul's home who was friends with Cassinis, Wrightsmans and Mohrenschildt's.


The state of Texas stepped aside, to permit the Warren Commission to investigate the murder of President Kennedy. Yet neither Texas nor the Warren Commission would address the crucial role of George de Mohrenschildt, who was a CIA asset and the "best friend" of Lee Harvey Oswald during his residence in Dallas and Fort Worth in 1962 and 1963. I have self-published bound booklets, focusing on George de Mohrenschildt, a highly connected individual from the 1940's on, who participated in projects for the intelligence services. I have pondered the connections between de Mohrenschildt George H. W. Bush, Allen Dulles, the CIA and FBI agents, and I was also the first to publish the correspondence between de Mohrenschildt and both President Kennedy and Vice-President Johnson. I continued in my research on George de Mohrenschildt and have produced, authored, and published detailed articles, analytic reviews tying de Mohrenschildt to the Jackie Kennedy, her mother Janet Lee Bouvier, Howard Hughes, Abraham Zapruder, Mohamed Al Fayed, [note the CIA monitored Al Fayed's affair to Alexandra while in Haiti with George's daughter, El Amir Atta [father of head terrorist of 9-11 plot], Texas oilmen and lastly to Lee Harvey Oswald.

A Few Facts not Theories from 15 Volume Series on Oswald's Closest Friend; The George De Mohrenschildt Story:

  • In 1939 Lee Harvey Oswald was born in New Orleans. The Warren Commission said de Mohrenschildt was "the closest friend to Oswald, before JFK's assassination."
  • I began my own research of de Mohrenschildt's association that President George H. W. Bush and their oil connections. The Warren Commission did not uncover this relationship between de Mohrenschildt and George Bush. George H. W. Bush wrote me that he had known de Mohrenschildt beginning in 1942 and fifty years later President Bush signed into law on October 26, 1992 The JFK Records Review Board Act which President Bill Clinton took charge of after he became president.
  • De M's fourth wife Jeanne LeGon worked, with Abraham Zapruder in 1963 who filmed the assassination without reacting for his own safety. They both worked at a woman's apparell company in Dallas ten years earlier in 1953. They also belonged to the Dallas Council on World Affairs where Allen Dulles also attended. De Mohrenschildt ties to US President's George Washington by marriage, George H. W. Bush friend, Lyndon Johnson and Woodrow Wilson. Among the anomalies, uncovered by myself is that de Mohrenschildt's brother, Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt corresponded with CIA's Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles in 1953. This was the same Allen Dulles who, in Chief Justice Warren's frequent absences, presided over the Warren Commission. Other CIA connections of George de Mohrenschildt include that his one-time father-in-law, worked for the CIA, supervising 250 agents from 1950-53 on loan from the State Department.
  • de Mohrenschildt held an office in CIA's Republic National Bank Building up until 1968. Dimitri co-founded The Russian Review with William H. Chamberlin in 1942 and ten years later in 1952 Chamberlin cofounded Amcomlib aka Radio Liberty for the Central Intelligence Agency.
  • Mrs. Igor Cassini took her life because of the criminal charges brought by Attorney General RFK against her husband. A week before she killed herself in New York City she wrote to President Kennedy asking the President to stop the vicious prosecution by his brother Robert F. Kenndy. The children of the Cassinis were coming home crying and calling their dad "Igor a crook." In February of 1963 de Mohrenschildt took Lee Harvey Oswald to White Russian parties in Dallas, Texas while the Attorney General RFK Sr., began his prosecution against Igor Cassini who, like de M was friends with Allen Dulles and Howard Hughes.
  • CIA Director Allen Dulles, later being a Warren Commissioner was Igor Cassini's tennis partner at the C. B. Wrightsman estate in Palm Beach. In 1955 Igor Cassini's in-laws the Wrightsman family and de Mohrenschildt's in-laws the Sharples families organized The Goya Ball in Palm Beach, Florida. Six years later Igor's brother Oleg would become Jackie Kennedy's exclusive dress designer at the White House. In the mid 1990s Igor Cassini told me that he attended The Goya Ball. I published photo of "Baroness George de Mohrenschildt" at The Goya Ball, in Palm Beach in 1955 aka Dr. Wynne Sharples.
  • Does a portait of the culprits behind JFK's assassination hang in the NYC Museum of Modern Art (MoMa)? Dulles and de Mohrenschildt knew five trustees of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Nelson Rockefeller, C. B. Wrightsman, William S. Paley, Henry Luce [Luce purchased Zapruder film and gave a copy to Howard Hughes], Phillip C. Johnson; JFK and Jackie's landlord Capton Michael Paul gave up his home in Palm Beach to the First Family only a few doors away from the Wrightsman estate. Mary Trump wrote about her uncle's ties to Philip C. Johnson when she helped write Trump's biography. You'll find Johnson listed in de Mohrenschildt's personal phone book just as you will find Trump's name and 12 phone numbers in J. Epstein's phone book.

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For SALE : A LETTER FROM HOWARD HUGHES to Wm. Gibbs McAdoo, 1933, who happens to be the grandfather by marriage to George de Mohrenschildt. McAdoo was the son-in-law to President Woodrow Wilson. McAdoo cofounded the Secret Service for the Treasury Department during World War I with Allen Dulles' uncle. No Disclosure was made by Allen Dulles when he was a Warren Commissioner interviewing George De Mohrenschildt and he knew of this relationship ten years before JFK's passing.

60 years anniversary of JFK Assassination Press Release

© by Bruce Adamson on: De Mohrenschildt and the CIA.


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