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Time is very important in telling a story. 15 years of research - 14 volumes into a 20 minute segment is difficult. Have done well with the 10 minute interviews for listeners do not expect much in 10 minutes. Can give you a few bullets, but not the entire story.

Frank Shivers took his time and between the breaks he guided the audience through a two hour interview and made Great Progess in Seattle. View list of Radio Shows.

Dr. Stan after twenty odd interviews has become an expert on De Mohrenschildt. Listen to Dr. Stan and Adamson courtesy of - radio show.

P R E S S --- R E L E A S E -- 10 QUESTIONS and Documents attached by clicking on Links -

Re: November 22nd, will be the 44th Anniversary of JFK's Assassination

Background, since 1992, I began researching the life and death of Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend George de Mohrenschildt and worked with the West Palm Beach Sheriff's Office. Research has been supported by former White House Chief of Staff, Leon Panetta, Congressman Sam Farr and former Prosecutor for the JAG Colonel Andrew Amerson also a former prosecutor for the California Attorney General's Office. View Panetta and Amerson's letters on JFK assassination

George de Mohrenschildt was a CIA agent, and friend of both the rich and famous and Lee Harvey Oswald. He killed himself on March 29, 1977 after he was given 9 shock treatments while one of his friends, G.H.W. Bush, was Director of the CIA. De Mohrenschildt was linked to the rich and famous. Some of those individuals included: Vice President, Lyndon B. Johnson (1857), Jackie Kennedy and her mother (1938), G.H.W. Bush (1942); William S. Paley (CBS-1962), Nelson Rockefeller (1941), Abraham Zapruder (1953); Allen Dulles (1953) and many Texas oilmen. If you would like to know more on de Mohrenschildt click on link at

Adamson wrote to former President George H.W. Bush in 1993 on de Mohrenschildt.

George H.W. Bush's response

In 2003, before Michael Moore's film 9/11 I produced a film which was shown around the US on public access T.V. stations entitled 1,000 Points of Light; Public remains in the Dark on JFK, Diana and September 11th. It was shown in Brooklyn and New York City. I have spoken on "George H.H. Bush and Al Fayed's ties to the JFK Assassination; 2). September 11th, 2001 tragedy; 3). Princess Diana's Death. You can read my speech at

Click here for Adamson's speech.

I was the first to publish letters from the CIA Directors Bush and Allen Dulles (CIA destroyed letters), Vice President Lyndon Johnson to and from George de Mohrenschildt whom The Warren Commission Report declared was Oswald's closest friend prior to the assassination of JFK. I was the first to publish that de Mohrenschildt's father-in-law, Samuel "Walter" Washington was in charge of more than 250 CIA agents ten years before the assassination of President Kennedy.

If you think that I would be a worthy and interesting guest, please feel free to call on me. Since 1996 I have been on an estimated 75 radio shows speaking about the JFK Assassination. I have been on Jeff Rense, Dr. Stanley Monteith, George Noory, Colonel Bo Gritz, Len Osanic, John Newman, Jack McLamb and many others.

Let me thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


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Click here for 1998 article by Steven Jones for Probe Magazine on Adamson's research Page One.

Click here for 1998 article by Steven Jones for Probe Magazine on Adamson's research Page Two.

Click here for Veteran's Voice 1998.

Note: Besides wrinting 19 books and producing 6 videos Adamson is a former federal employee and whistleblower.

Adamson is available all year round for radio shows on JFK and his subjects of expertise are :

1). US Civil War 1860s - Adamson has produced a two hour video The Spirit of St. Louis, Before, During and After the Civil War. See details on video Civil War

2). US Postal History - wrote book on 1st postmaster of St. Louis relative was Rufus
Easton; See

3). Building of The Waldorf-Astoria hotel - relatives built hotels;

4). New York Stock Exchange = wrote book on relative Captain George W. Ely, who was Secretary from 1873-1919 of the Exchange.

5). America's First Conspiracy, Mrs. Benedict Arnold - Peggy Shippen.

6). US. dropped four H-Bombs on Palomares Spain in 1966 wrote book

7). Produced documentary on uncle Harold Adamson's song writing career.
See more at

8). Produced Barrymore, Costello and Drew Family website at See Barrymore Family website

9). Adamson wrote story for Larry Flynt who offered a million dollar reward "for anyone" who brought the truth in the JFK Assassination. Flynt paid Adamson for story yet killed it.


10 QUESTIONS on CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt

1). George Bush wrote to you that he had known de Mohrenschildt since 1942, can you tell us how is George H.W. Bush tied to George de Mohrenschildt (pronounced de-morn-shield), to the Bay of Pigs invasion and to the JFK Assassination? Just because Bush knew Oswald's friend does not make him guilty. Then take into account a). Prescott Bush's banking firm gave de M a 300,000 line of credit in May of 1963; b). G.H.W. Bush Sr. was in charge of Bay of Pigs invasion; c). Bush Sr. was briefed on JFK assassination by FBI Director, J.E. Hoover on November 23, 1963; d). Bush called the FBI office in Houston on November 22, 1963 and told the officer that another friend James Parrott was talking about killing JFK when he came to Houston; Bush was suing Texas Governor John Connolly in Houston's District Court two weeks before JFK Assassination. Connolly rode shotgun with President Kennedy at the time of his demise.

George H.W. Bush's response

2). How is Abraham Zapruder tied to the CIA and to George de Mohrenschildt ? Abe did not react for his own safety when filming. Zapruder and de Mohrenschildt belonged to CIA's Dallas Council on World Affairs, founded by Neil Mallon, Bush Sr.'s mentor. Obituary of Zapruder who worked with Mrs. de Mohrenschildt 10 years before JFK's assassination at Dallas Clothing Store. Was Zapruder's filming Staged ?

3). Who is de Mohrenschildt's father-in-law, and can you tell US how he was in charge of 250 CIA agents in 1950-1953 ?

4). Why did Lyndon Johnson write to de Mohrenschildt and LBJ tells us the dates he met with de Mohrenschildt, which was seven months before the JFK Assassination? Why is it important that Vice President Johnson was writing to and receving letters from de Mohrenschildt seven months before JFK's demise.

5). Can you tell us which relative of de Mohrenschildt's sold Jackie Kennedy the pink Chanel Suit she wore to Dallas and did Jackie's mom really have an affair with de Mohrenschildt in 1938 ?

6). How is de Mohrenschildt tied to Allen Dulles, former CIA Director and Warren Commisioner? Why did Dulles write to Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt 10 years before the JFK Assassination. Click here for 1953 Letter from CIA Director and Future Warren Commission Allen Dulles to the brother of Oswald's closest friend 10 years before the JFK assassination. Why did the CIA destroy this letter?

7). How is de Mohrenschildt tied to Jackie and Jack Kennedy's landlord and how is he tied to Jackie Kennedy's dress designer Oleg Cassini?

8). You won a case in 2003 against the CIA in which it stated that Mohamed Al Fayed was in business with de Mohrenschildt and representing El-Amir Atta, the person with the same name as the father of the lead terrorists of Sept. 11th. How does this tie to George de Mohrenschidt, Princess Diana and to George Bush Sr.? Click here for 9/11 connections to Al Fayed and Bush to Adnan Khashoggi.

9). What were the motives on why President Kennedy was assassinated?

10). You have invested 15 years and about $200,000 into investigating the assassination and have produced a video and 14 volumes. Why ? ------